Robust Woman Poses Imitating Victoria Beckham, Merciless Taunts Arrive; Victoria Responds Amazingly

“On two occasions they have told me why I did not commit suicide”; what Victoria does is what we should do.

This beautiful woman is a plus size model, apart from being a lawyer and a journalist. However, all these talents do not free her from teasing and malicious comments such as asking her to commit suicide.

Jennifer Barreto-Leyva, is Venezuelan and is 37 years old. She is considered a pioneer in trying to get plus size women accepted and considered beautiful, in the same way that slim models are.

I share my #look of the day. Sometimes I like to recreate looks that I like a lot and that I also know that favor me. I applaud that we use what provokes us but let’s always do it to present the best version of ourselves. Because looking like a piñata on account of, for me is not an option … ▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪ Sharing my look of the day. Every now and then I like to recreate looks that flatter me. I agree with wearing what you want but always try to look better due to it. Looking like a piñata just because it is not an option for me. All the look is from @lanebryant #bellezaxl #tallasgrandes #stylehasnosize #plusmodel #plussizemodel #curvyretorosa #curvygirl #estaesmibelleza #victoriabeckham #lanebryant #iamlatina #latina # seethe67 #mybodyplus #bigandblunt #effyourbeautystylestandards #bigandblunt #effyourbeautystylestandards #bigandblunt #effyourbeautystylestandardsley

A photo posted by Jennifer Barreto-Leyva (@barretoleyva) on Oct 8, 2016 at 4:31 pm PDT

Latin America does not seem to be the most permissive of all the regions when it comes to size. However, plus size and beautiful plus size women are beginning to find success in places like the United States.

First Latin American activist in favor of the diversity of beauty and the human rights of those who are overweight.

She has participated in beauty pageants for women of larger sizes and has become very popular on her Instagram account, especially after posting the controversial photo in which she models the same clothes that Victoria Beckham is wearing.

The clothes that the two are wearing is not what gave her popularity, but the fact that Victoria herself gave the woman a like.

But another woman took the photo to tease

The 12,000 followers that this model had achieved in such a short time, and the joy that this brings, apart from receiving the “like” from Victoria Beckham herself, ended when another Isntagram user, named Lisbeth Rodriguez, had the brilliant idea to share the photograph, but this time with a not very positive message:

Then a headless one like @lisbethmercedes comes and takes a post of yours without consent where in addition to the fact that you felt fabulous and wanted to inspire others to feel that way and uses you as a mockery (according to their pathetic values) It is not worth spending even a mega in a garbage of a human being who amuses himself by ridiculing others. It really is not worth it, because you are worth nothing as a human being @lisbethmercedes who by the way is a coach of @gyminsanityhealth and @bolttraininggym I hope they find out there about the practices of their employees. By the way, I didn’t tell you that while a garbage person thinks he’s making fun of me, Victoria Beckham herself gave the photo a ‘like’, making it viral. And I’m not going to block you as I usually do @lisbethmercedes so that people tell you everything you deserve. #bullying #cyberbullying #bodyshaming #fatshaming

A photo posted by Jennifer Barreto-Leyva (@barretoleyva) on Oct 24, 2016 at 5:29 pm PDT

«Without spinning or with spinning, you decide»

The Instagram user was referring to Jennifer using a gym to lose weight and get in shape.

The woman then defended herself with another message in which she said that she did not know her and that she had no bad intention, without understanding that what she did is harassment, simply because the woman does not weigh or look how she would like him to make.

Thanks a thousand to fitness trainers and gym owners who from the Dominican Republic have communicated with me, ashamed and worried about what this Mrs. Lisbeth Rodriguez (@lisbethmercedes) did with my photo. Amazing! that the gyms where this lady works or has been part read @BoltTrainingGym and @gyminsanityhealth remain silent, they have preferred to block me from social networks or remove the tag from my publications. Silence is a way of becoming an accessory to a crime. This is her, for you to identify and recognize. Even if you lock and change your social network profile photos, it is good that you remain fully identified. Thanks to the associations, personalities and followers in general who have spoken out or done well in solidarity with this situation. Permission must be asked, whatever it is, when taking photos of people and strictly prohibited for a simple matter of respect, taking photos of people to make memes or posts of mockery. This lady evidently did not understand the seriousness of what she did, and to show that more than her response… As I mentioned, I will proceed legally next week with this situation, as unpleasant as it is delicate. We must set precedents with this issue, so that it is never repeated, and if it happens, that there is already at least one way open to act. And to those who have been silent about it, and I mean supposed defenders of the issue, the honesty of her speech was more than confirmed and exposed. Do not remain silent when you are run over, because you are giving your rights and your dignity to the violator. They will hinder them, they will make them believe they are exaggerating or that it is not worth it. And nothing could be further from the truth. For me, for you, for everyone This will not go unpunished!

A photo posted by Jennifer Barreto-Leyva (@barretoleyva) on Oct 26, 2016 at 11:25 am PDT

Good teaching starts at home

Someone’s physical appearance is not something to be taken lightly, making jokes that offend others, even when the other person is not present.

Many times as mothers, or women, friends or neighbors, we make comments in bad taste that seem innocent to us, but in reality they are not. Many times our children are present and from a young age they begin to learn that the fat, or the darkest, or the lips in this way, is not what is considered cute and attractive.

This is how we create stereotypes

Asians, blacks, fat people, Argentines, Venezuelans, Americans, those on the street, those in the village, etc. We are all human beings and we are made in the same way, some with more opportunities than others, but we were all created equal and we all deserve the same respect.

Let’s challenge ourselves and our family to say nothing, unless it is something positive

It is impossible that we all like them or that everything is beautiful to us since taste is subjective. But everyone without exception has something nice that others can find. If we are not going to say something nice, we better not say it.

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