Renewing Your Underwear Is Also A First Necessity

Renewing it every so often has other benefits that you probably don’t know about and I’ll tell you what they are …

When I left Cuba, one of my great wishes was to finally be able to have overflowing drawers of beautiful and brand new underwear. I dreamed that all my lingerie would “go out”, and leave behind those days of austerity and conformism with the first thing that appeared, without being able to afford to combine the pieces or use the most convenient according to the color of the rest of the clothes .

Perhaps for you who read me it is inconceivable that this could be a goal, but it was. Certainly I have never been able to accumulate the amount that my guajiro dreams made me imagine, especially because I don’t know if it is that my tastes are expensive or that women’s clothing is really very expensive, even when it comes to tiny pieces, but I still enjoy that. type of shopping.

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I do not know if these interests are lost with age, but it is not strange to see women who from a certain stage in their lives stop perceiving the ally that is in their underwear. However, it is not just about being presumptuous, or trying to hide with them what the years have tried to make evident. Renewing it every so often has other benefits and I’ll tell you what they are:

Reasons not to let your underwear get old

Save bad smells

When we use too much a garment, such as lingerie, at some point it becomes contaminated with certain odors typical of our body, and although they appear to be clean as soon as we begin to perspire those unpleasant aromas will be present immediately, to avoiding this is that it is recommended to renew our chest from time to time.

They lose their shape and hold

Another of the results that take place due to the frequent use of these pieces is that the fabric gives way, making them look not only unsightly, but they lose their reason for being when they start to get loose, which results in not only not hiding what they must hide, but they also do not hold what they should hold.

Color is lost

No matter if it cost you a small fortune, once the colors fade and new designs appear in their place, such as spots, it stops fulfilling one of its purposes and that is to make you look and feel safe, instead reflect a sloppy and unkempt image.

Deterioration of the material

It is not only about the colors because sometimes they are lost but the fabric remains intact, or vice versa, the garment looks new but has holes, in those cases it is important to retire them from our closet, as one of the essential requirements of the underwear is that it is in good condition.

It pollutes

You may not have thought about it, but our underwear has remains of our feces, and according to Charles Gerba, professor of microbiology at the University of Arizona, when we wash clothes in cold water bacteria such as E.Coli survive the cycle and contaminate the rest of the pieces, the solution is water at 60 degrees centigrade and dry it in the sun.

Do not think that because ordinary people cannot see what you are wearing it is okay to ignore it, remember that she is in direct contact with the most intimate part of us, and as such it is important that we take the necessary care to have pieces of quality that serve our aesthetic interests, our physical needs and our health, and one way to ensure some of these aspects is to renew our underwear from time to time.

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