Remove Your Blackheads Forever With A Toothbrush And 2 Ingredients That You Always Have At Home

If you’ve tried everything but still don’t know how to get those blackheads off your face, keep reading.

If there’s one thing that’s hard to get rid of, it’s those nasty blackheads. You have tried everything. Peellings, facial cleanses, masks of all kinds, exfoliations and you’ve been spending a lot of money. But still the black dots are still there. What would you say if you knew that the solution was very close to you?

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What are blackheads

In addition to what can be seen with the naked eye – those small blackheads that are tucked inside the pores-, the blackheads are due to an obstruction of the hair canal by keratinocytes (a mixture of sebum and dead cells), according to the Doctissimo site. These keratinocytes must be shed on a daily basis, but in times of hormonal changes or in case of poor skin hygiene, this desquamation is not carried out and that is when the dead cells oxidize when they come into contact with air and obstruct the skin, thus appearing the famous black spots.

What happens if we don’t treat blackheads

If we do nothing to remove blackheads, and we do not provide a correct cleaning to the face, those blackheads can continue to grow until they transform into the white acne pimples so feared by all. You don’t want that, do you?

Possible causes

According to the specialist in Dermatology, Dr. Braeken, blackheads and acne in general can be caused by various factors, according to the Doctissimo portal.

  • Hormonal changes

  • Too greasy cosmetics that do not let pores breathe

  • Poor hygiene (it is advisable to wash your face before sleeping)

  • Bad diet (excess fats and sugars)

Can I squeeze them out?

In most cases, it is not advisable to squeeze them, since doing so usually causes the area to become too inflamed. On the other hand, we often squeeze the blackheads or pimples with dirty hands, causing the pores to absorb dirt and opening the way to a possible infection. It is always better to look for other alternatives before squeezing the black dots. but I understand you if you are tempted to do so; it happens to all of us.

I want to get them out now!

So, with all this information, you are ready to take the materials that you will surely have in your house and get to work. Let’s get down to business:

According to the Newsner site, youtuber Alexandra, famous for her videos of various tutorials, explains in a simple way how to remove blackheads permanently.

You will need to

1 toothbrush (new, unused)

1 bit of toothpaste

1 teaspoon of baking soda

Hot water

Now, clean your face as you normally do and pat dry with a clean towel. Mix the ingredients in a mug. When it is well homogeneous, the mixture is ready to be placed. But first, wet a towel with hot water and cover your face with it; the heat will open the pores and thus the mask will work better. Now, place the mixture on the area where you have the blackheads using the new toothbrush. It is essential that it is new, because if it is used you would be carrying bacteria to your face. After a few minutes you can rinse with hot water, not so hot so as not to damage the skin of your face, but enough so that the pores are open. Now is the time to tighten them; the part you were waiting for. But do not do it with your fingers, but with a towel moistened with hot water.

When you finish doing all this procedure, proceed to wash your face regularly. My advice is that later, you finish washing with cold enough water so that the pores are not open and thus no dirt gets in.

Other tips

There are some strips on the market that you can buy at the pharmacy that are exclusively for exfoliation of blackheads. I have tried them and I assure that they work. Of course, for the most severe cases, the toothpaste and baking soda mask may work better as it treats more thoroughly. Steam is a good ally when it comes to facial treatments, do not forget to apply heat to the face before applying any mask, so that it penetrates more deeply.

In short, prevention is always better than cure. Therefore, if you do not want to have blackheads, it is essential to eat a good diet, and clean the skin of the face every night before sleeping, because it is at that moment when the skin begins the detoxification process. Do not forget to visit your trusted dermatologist to ask your questions. Try these tips and then tell us!

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