Put Your Hand In This Position And You Will See What Happens Next

Something you DO NOT want to stop doing …

We use our hands for endless things; imagining life without them is difficult. Well, apparently and according to health experts, our hands also keep the secret of our well-being, happiness and general harmony.

Reiki is just one of the sciences that uses the hands and their energy as forms of healing. An article published on Telemundo explains in part the benefits of this ancient science.

“Reiki is not only a great bonding healing method, but also a profound energy that produces remarkable spiritual changes within both the practitioner and the recipient of the healing,” explains Alexandra Juliani, a reik teacher.

Now, numerous other studies maintain that each part of our hands represents a different part of our body. As we massage them or change positions, they will be the benefits for our health.

Everything you need to know about each part of your hand

Surya mudra

If you place both hands in the position of the drawing, you will help your metabolism increase and you can lose weight.

As explained by Complete Nature Cure, this position is the most beneficial for weight loss. «This mudra is very powerful when done 30 minutes a day with both hands. Besides speeding up your metabolism to help you lose weight, it has other great benefits for your health, ”explains Hari Kumar.

Some benefits for your health of this mudra:

  • Helps with blood circulation especially in the extremities

  • Helps regulate body temperature

  • Helps with thyroid inactivity or hypothyroidism

  • Helps with obesity

  • Balances the appetite

  • Helps with digestion and constipation

Although it seems too good to be true, many solutions to big problems are as simple as these. In this case, no matter how much one may not believe, what we must do is so small that we are not putting anything at risk, therefore we do not lose anything by trying when the benefits could be so many.

In my case, so far I have not tried the Surya Mudra, but I have tried the others, especially in times of stress and I can attest that they work, especially when anxiety takes over.


The thumb is related to the nervous system, the head and our emotions. According to experts, there is nothing better to relieve headaches and anxiety than pressing your thumb with the other hand for five minutes. You will feel your anxiety diminish and your headaches stop.

Index finger

According to studies carried out at the University of Manchester, after testing the reactions of the body by pressing different parts of the hand, it was concluded that if you press your index finger for a few minutes, the feelings that have to do with frustration, fear and shame diminish and even disappear.

Middle finger

The big, or middle finger, is associated with high blood pressure. In this case, it is recommended that the person squeeze this finger very hard for a few seconds and release it, repeating the exercise several times. This exercise also serves to regain energy and control your emotions.

Ring finger

The ring or love finger is in charge of helping you get rid of feelings of deep sadness and overwhelm. In this case, you should not squeeze it, but massage it slowly while taking a deep breath, inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth.


This finger is related to nothing more and nothing less than our self-esteem. In order for your self-esteem to grow and your stress to decrease, experts recommend that you gently massage this finger while imagining yourself in a place that you have very good memories of and that you long to return to.

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