Pros And Cons Of Cesarean Section, Making An Informed Decision

Decide knowingly knowing the consequences.

Cesarean section is an issue with a large number of detractors and supporters, and of course, an issue as relevant as the birth of our children leaves no room for half measures. However, it often happens that those who defend him as well as those who do not have no real knowledge of the facts, but rather are carried away by the easy advice that often comes from the intention of benefiting clinics and doctors before mothers and their children.

I’m not saying that doctors talk without knowing, there was more to do! Rather, they feel comfortable with the risks, when in reality it is a decision that who should concern is precisely who should live with the consequences of such a procedure, that is, pregnant women. Perhaps at the end of this writing you will think the same or differently, but I hope that by then whatever decision you make, it will be with arguments that you can make your own of your own free will.

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It is true, cesarean section is a procedure whose first purpose was to help the birth when natural childbirth was not a viable option, either because it endangered the life of the child, the mother or both, or it arises as an option in an emergency situation . Over the years these considerations were added to the speed in the face of long hours of delivery, avoiding labor pains, and not exposing the pelvic floor to changes, all of them alien to the interests of the child.

The ones against children being born by cesarean section

  • Fetal lacerations

  • Increased risk of requiring intensive care care

  • 1.5% increase in neonatal mortality risk

  • Pulmonary disorders (transient tachypnea, respiratory distress syndrome, pulmonary hypertension, pulmonary adaptation syndrome)

  • Births before term

The Pros of Cesarean Births

  • The spread of sexually transmitted infections such as VHS, HPV, HIV, Hepatitis B and C, among others

  • Decrease the risks of neonatal asphyxia and neonatal encephalopathy

  • Less chance of intracranial hemorrhage

  • Chances of brachial plexus injuries are reduced

  • Shoulder dissociation is reduced, which is when the baby’s shoulders get stuck inside the mother

And what about mom?

Except in emergency cases, the truth is that although women do not see it that way, it is for them who raises the greatest number of cons compared to the limited benefits that the procedure means. For this reason, unless you are told that it is the best for your child, you should know that if you choose a cesarean section, any of the following things can happen to you:

  • Bleeding

  • Placental disorders (Placenta acreta, Placenta previa)

  • Uterine rupture

  • Risk of miscarriage from uterine scars

  • Greater chances of getting an infection

Just like us, nature is also wrong. To show so many ailments that are mutations that occur when nature messes up, however, its successes are more, and natural birth when there is no disease that justifies otherwise, is proof of this, since in this way the baby decides when it is ready, it is impregnated with bacteria that strengthen the immune system and receives greater oxygenation. You already know what is good and what is bad, decide, now it’s up to you!

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