Postpartum Wounds And Other Things You Should Know Before Giving Birth

The happiness that the birth of our first daughter caused us was soon overshadowed by losing my health and being on the brink of death. I want to share my experience so that it does not happen to you.

The pregnancy was normal, very pleasant and healthy. When the labor pains began to be more frequent we went to the hospital; there I was in labor for a few hours until the big moment arrived. Everything went really fast, the doctor put pressure on my belly and in a few more minutes my first daughter was in my arms. I returned home feeling happy and strong but, as the days passed, I lost strength and every day I felt weaker and weaker until on the tenth day after delivery I was totally paralyzed.

1. The wrongs

This is the name given to the pain that you feel after childbirth as a result of the accommodation of the intestines and other organs. They are momentary and temporary pains that are reduced as the days go by and for many women it is common to feel them while breastfeeding. Women who have undergone a cesarean section do not always identify them as they have aches and pains related to the surgery itself. Feeling or suffering the wrong should not cause you greater pain after the three weeks after giving birth, in fact, each day that passes you should feel better without losing strength or energy as was my case.

2. The dreaded episiotomy

Fortunately every day there are fewer doctors who routinely resort to episiotomy and wait until the moment of birth to make that small cut in the perineum, there are even obstetricians who prefer that the cut be made naturally, that is, it tears . Either way, this should not cause you major discomfort, you will only feel a slight inflammation due to the points that the doctor will make. These stitches will gradually unravel. Proper grooming without rubbing the area too much is more than enough and in four to six weeks you can feel much better, without discomfort and you can even resume intimacy as a couple. If you have pain, discomfort or burning when sitting, urinating or at any other time, you should go to the doctor because in some cases it may be an infection.

3. Urinary incontinence and Kegel exercises

For some women, within the first three months after childbirth it is very dangerous to laugh or cough because there is immediately “an accident”, this is normal while the muscles are regaining strength. Kegel exercises will be very useful, start practicing them as soon as you finish reading this article.

4. Pain or discomfort after a cesarean section

Recovering from a C-section takes much longer than a normal delivery, so being patient is paramount. The most common discomforts that you should be very attentive to have to do mainly with infections. Yes, I know, the wound from a cesarean section is very painful, but you must wash the area perfectly and carefully when you bathe, not just drop water or foam there, you must rub gently and change the dressings as much as necessary. There are times when, without you realizing it, pus forms inside and only until it bursts and comes out through the wound do you know you have an infection, which by the way, if you are breastfeeding you can transmit it to your baby. Go to the doctor for routine check-ups and once the wound stitches are removed, be careful with cleaning and the efforts you make because it is true what the grandmothers say: the wound can reopen.

If at any time your temperature rises you should go to the doctor. Sometimes when you start to breastfeed, some women have a fever, be careful because if you do not go down you are at risk.

I made a serious mistake, I thought that all the discomforts were normal and that I should overcome; By the time I got to the doctor a terrible septicemia had developed. I spent twenty days in my baby’s private hospital, weak, confused and connected day and night to many, many medications. They even had to do surgery and keep me under observation for several more days. During my stay in the hospital I realized that I was not the only one who had made a mistake, so many other women were there for reasons similar to mine, so, dear friend, do not let this happen to you.

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