Postpartum Depression, A Reality From Which No Mother Can Escape

If you were a mother recently or are about to become one, it’s time to start learning about the symptoms of the dreaded postpartum depression.

Some say that since it is known that a child is expected, life is never seen in the same way again, and that becoming a mother is one of the most important events in a woman’s life. However, after delivery, all happiness can be clouded by the unknown and little treated postpartum depression, which can even lead to death if not treated in time.

The most alarming thing is that many women are unaware that this state can even appear 1 year after giving birth. Some specialists in the area agree that it is a multifactorial phenomenon in which genetic, biological, psychological and environmental aspects affect. So how can we gauge the seriousness of the matter? What symptoms can alert us to a postpartum depressive picture? Below you can find some of the factors you should be aware of:

Guilty feeling

Babies’ first days of life are complicated, not because they are, but because we must adapt to their needs, to know how to interpret the requirements and to discover a world about which little is known; Well, despite the fact that there are hundreds of maternity books circulating on the shelves of well-known bookstores, as the popular saying goes “something else is with a guitar.” If we add to that the social pressure exerted by people close to the new mother, we will have as a result a woman who feels guilty about not knowing what to do with her child, because the instinct of which they talk so much, of unconditional love and dedication absolute, with it is not working. And the internal questions begin to appear.

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Loss of appetite

The body changes, of that there is no doubt. Very few women are able to get a flat stomach within 2 hours of giving birth. The breasts are not the same, the milk makes them grow in such a way that the feeling of having to wear underwear 2 sizes larger than before pregnancy cannot be explained. And the questions begin that perhaps he is eating too much or too little, plus the rush to return to the figure that he had before cause great pressure on the new mother.


Even the smallest thing can trigger a bad day. Everyday things that previously seemed to go unnoticed, today can cause real chaos within the family nucleus.

Suicidal thoughts

Women with a higher degree of depression may come to feel desires to end their lives, because they feel unable to cope with so much new “difficulty.”

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Apparently the body does not respond and the only desire is to sleep. This is due to two factors, the baby’s poor sleep and depression. For this reason, it is important to have a family support network that can help the new mother in a good way.

If you notice that you have any of these symptoms, it is very important that you tell your doctor and close family members. The support network can always help this depressive picture begin to recede to give way to happy days with the new family that you have formed.

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