Police Operation With The Red Cross And Everything For “ruby’s Birthday”, The Mess Her Father Made On Facebook Is Serious

El FENOMENO, as the Mexican police call Ruby’s birthday, GROWS.

One of the most talked about topics in Mexico and now in many places in the world, and it has become the event of the year. What started with her father’s innocent invitation, can’t seem to stop now.

It is almost like an avalanche of snow that started small and is now going to require the use of country security.

It’s official the pope will give mass …

Posted by Ruby Ibarra Garcia’s XVs on  Saturday, December 3, 2016

I think now everyone knows that Christmas is December 24th, and that Ruby’s birthday is 26th.

Talk to the cousins ​​of the gabacho to invite them…. There is already a chance # MisXvAños

Posted by Ruby Ibarra Garcia’s XVs on  Friday, December 2, 2016

According to what was published by La Republica.pe, the security deputy, Roberto Alejandro Segovia Hernández, reported that a security operation will be used since the possibility of thousands of people appearing at the party (which was to be family level) is a fact.

“Today is a rage on Facebook in the Aztec country”

The same legislator advised Ruby’s parents to apply for a receipt before the state’s Civil Protection and the Red Cross.

The police are not taking it lightly

Images of the row of gallants who want to dance with RUBY are filtered …

Posted by Ruby Ibarra Garcia’s XVs on  Thursday, December 1, 2016

Although his parents made other videos explaining that it will not be like a ‘Nirvana’ concert and they have removed the invitations from everyone who registered on Facebook, the police are not confident that people will not appear.

«We want to give you our support and backing; we are putting ourselves in contact with the family and the police and aid corporations so that they have security in the area ”, explained Segovia.

Even some artists from Mexico have said on the networks that they will attend

Posted by Sandra Contreras Torres on  Sunday, December 4, 2016

Among them are Lucía Méndez, El Komander, Niurka, Mimoso and many more.

And the airlines are giving a 30% discount if you go to Ruby’s birthday. I always wanted to go to Mexico, so in one of those, I take advantage of the discount and appear there on December 26.

But seriously, what we post on Facebook has to be done with great care and caution. It’s like a drop in water, you don’t know how far the wave will expand.

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