Peru Continues To Be Battered By The Rains, But Amidst The Pain And Chaos A Miracle Of Life Occurs Just Before Mother Dies

When two people are about to cross the portal between life and death, but God has another plan: A girl named HEAVEN

Posted by Peruvian Air Force on  Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Almost 100 dead after the terrible rains in Peru, and the number of victims increases, as reported by Excelsior. These rains have been hitting a large part of Latin America and thousands of people are losing everything that it cost them a lifetime to build, but in the midst of so much misfortune, there is always a small ray of light that illuminates everything.

When life and death meet

As reported by La República, a group of paramedics, a helicopter and the faith of the rescuers, worked a great miracle.

A young mother was trapped in a totally secluded area that could only be reached using a helicopter. So the Peruvian army paramedics and Air Force pilots went to rescue the woman without knowing that she was not coming alone.

The young mother was pregnant

The young mother had contractions and had to be rescued by helicopter, because there was no other way to reach her. Her transfer to the hospital was imminent, she was not feeling well and her pregnancy was in danger, but it was there that her baby decided to arrive.

The same personnel from the Peruvian Air Force published the news of the baby’s birth in flight. The title of your post is:


The publication goes on to say that she “gave birth in the midst of misfortunes.”

A girl born in heaven will be called Heaven

Madre de Cielo appoints the Commander of Air Group N ° 6 as godfather and thanks the #FAP that promised to return them to Los Pozitos in Sechura – Piura.
? #LaFuerzaDeTodosLosPeruanos?

Posted by Peruvian Air Force on Wednesday, April 5, 2017

I think we would all like to be born in heaven, perhaps not in these extreme circumstances, but like her, in heaven. Her mother decided to call her Sky and named the commander of air group number 6, as her baby’s godfather.

She and her mother are in excellent shape now and both were transferred to a hospital for further care. If it hadn’t been for rescuers and this mother’s willpower to survive and not leave her baby alone, perhaps this story would be a very different story.

The Commander of Air Group N ° 6 gives trousseau to Cielo, the baby who was born in flight assisted by paramedic rescuers #FAP.
? #LaFuerzaDeTodosLosPeruanos?
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Posted by Peruvian Air Force on Wednesday, April 5, 2017

We ask for prayers for Peru and the regions affected by the terrible rains

In Peru it has not stopped raining for 3 months, the dead have exceeded a hundred and according to what was reported by Antena 3, there are people who are occupying niches in cemeteries to live, because they have lost everything they had.

Colombia is also affected, they are still searching for the disappeared, and some regions of Argentina are also being hit by the same storm.

Prayers and faith help, as well as donations. You can approach the Red Cross closer to where you live and ask how you can help. In cases like these, food, clothing, blankets, etc., everything counts.

Posted by Peruvian Air Force on  Tuesday, April 4, 2017

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