Parents And Children Who Don’t Speak Confidently? Here I Help You

If you are young and find it difficult to talk to your parents, you should read this. If you are the parent of a teenager and want to improve your communication with him, you should read this.

Talking is quite therapeutic and even more so when it comes to removing pain and sadness from within that little by little blur your vision and damage your mood. Logically, the action of talking to someone is not limited to the search for relief, but it is also pleasant to share what makes you happy, for example, a joke or some daily feat or anecdote, and more if the person with whom it you do is willing to pay attention to what you are communicating.

Talking to people about what is happening to you becomes quite a natural act when you are an adult and you already have some experience in capturing the attention of who you are interested in listening to you. But when you are a teenager, talking is sometimes quite cumbersome, especially when it comes to talking with parents. This arises because boys and girls fear being misinterpreted in their doubts, fears, comments, and even fear being reprimanded for what may come out of their mouths in a moment of extreme impulsiveness and sincerity. However, that does not change the fact that children sometimes want to talk to their parents and do it not because of coercion but because they really want to.

In family communication there are two tangible problems: first, young people do not know how to approach their parents to speak with them in search of company and advice and second, parents do not know how to approach their children to advise and care for them; so that is what I will cover next.

Young You don’t know how to approach your parents and talk to them with confidence?

The first thing you should know is that from them you may have received some scolding from time to time and maybe – if you think about it carefully – you have deserved it, but they will never do it with the intention of hurting you, so talk to your parents should always be the first choice. If what you want is to clarify doubts, fears or advice regarding ALL the issues of life, look for them before turning to one of your friends, why? Simple, kids your age have not lived and experienced as much as your parents. So while their advice may be good, it certainly lacks a bit of “trial and error” as well as wisdom. So if you are looking for help, guidance or comfort, the only ones who are truly prepared to provide it are your parents.

The rebellious teenager seeks to be loved

Father Doesn’t your teenage son talk to you?

1. Change your attitude

I mean, don’t be quick to give lessons with a frown every time your child opens his mouth to say something. That’s what’s keeping him from you.

2. Relax and listen without judging your teens

Even when they ask tough questions to answer or tell you something you wish you had never heard.

3. Remember that you were a teenager

Sure you did crazy things, despite those kinds of situations you learn to live. Those same situations shaped your character and your person and allowed you to learn lessons for the future.

4. Put your children before any extra occupation

That is one of the many reasons why boys do not look to their parents to talk to them. Probably because at some point they sought your support and you pushed them away with a practical: “Now I’m not busy.” Just let him know that whatever his need, you will be there to help him without judgment but to help him correct the path.

Tips for talking with teenagers without going crazy trying

In addition to the above, consider the fact that guaranteeing good parent-child communication from the earliest childhood. This is achieved by speaking clearly and simply with children about the simplest or most serious things in human life, without mysteries, without changing the name of things or parts of the body. Believe me, what you DO NOT teach him at home, he will learn outside of it.

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