Parents Alert: Fashion Shoes Caused Serious Injuries To A Two-year-old Girl

Two-year-old girl suffered serious injuries from wearing fashionable shoes. The mother alerts the parents about these shoes and those made with a similar material.

Shoes should never be bought just to look pretty, there are many other characteristics that most people should consider, especially if it is children’s shoes. The growing feet require special attention, they must allow the movement of the joints and respect the developing physiology.

Companies often mislead consumers in order to get sales, offering shoes as the “best”, usually have a hard, uncomfortable and thin frame. The objective of good children’s shoes is to protect and warm the feet, not to squeeze them, preventing movement, balance and posture.

One case that went viral was published by Newsnear and Daily mail and other media outlets, where a two-year-old girl was terribly injured by wearing fashionable shoes.

A special gift

Lisa Connor lives in Blackpool, England, she is a young mother who wanted to buy a nice birthday present for her little two year old Esmé. She bought some pink jelly shoes from Next store in the UK. They describe the footwear as “fun jelly sandals for short-term wear.” In giving them to her daughter, she argued that they were comfortable.

An injury that they did not imagine

Esmé got her jelly shoes and spent 30 minutes playing inside her house. In a short time he was crying with his mother because he was bleeding from his ankle and the sole of his right foot. The shoes cut off the bottom of his ankle bone.

Fortunately, the injuries were not serious, the father managed to calm her after two hours, washed the wound and healed, however, her foot is still sore.

Claim the company

The mother contacted the customer service department of the Next company, to complain about the poor quality of the shoes. She fears that other children may be affected. She believes that how the sandals are made of a gelatin material may have caused the injury.

A company spokesman said they are puzzled and saddened by the problem caused, they are taking the matter seriously, as it is the first complaint they receive. They requested that the shoes be returned to him for a detailed investigation.

Alert parents

Lisa took pictures of her little girl’s wound and posted them on her social network. She received many comments from parents who had also had a similar problem with their shoes. The mother wants the shoes to be removed from the sale, to protect the children.

Tips for buying children’s footwear

Dr. Pilar Velasco, Physiotherapist, recommends these simple tips to choose the best footwear for the little ones in the home.

1. Release the ankle joint

When the shoe is boot-shaped or too high, it prevents the natural movement of the ankle, preventing the little ones from moving. Shoes must reach below the ankle bones, must be flexible to allow movement.

2. Find your flexibility

To be sure that the shoe is flexible, the front of the sole is bent upward by hand.

3. Wide and long size

Ideally, it should allow the movement of the fingers and that these do not touch the front part on the inside.

4. Materials

Make sure that the shoes are made with natural materials to allow perspiration of the skin such as: leather, leather, cork, cotton among others.

5. Models

That adapts better to the foot, they can be with laces or velcro. Avoid flip flops, clogs, because the shoe can come off at every step and forces the toes to grab them, causing injuries.

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Remember that new shoes can be uncomfortable for about two days, so be sure to loosen them and wear them only for a short time, until your feet get used to it. Wearing socks is also recommended.

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