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For many women, the menstrual period becomes a nightmare: discomfort, allergies to the materials of tampons or feminine pads, and a long etcetera. However, there is a system that changes all that …

Some years ago, and thanks to research on new products for a communication project at my university, I first heard about the menstrual cup. To tell the truth, I was completely unaware of its existence, but we were commissioned to investigate this new system, which every day has more women using it frequently. This is how we found an attractive protection method to use during the menstrual period, which, in addition to being discreet, offers comfort, efficiency, savings and is even totally environmentally friendly.

So if you still have not fully learned about this effective system and its many benefits, I invite you to read what follows.

Benefits of the menstrual cup

1. Its materials are highly durable and do not cause allergies

The menstrual cup is made of silicone, which makes it have a useful life of more than five years. In addition, due to the benefits of this material, it leaves almost completely forgotten the discomfort, allergies and irritations that other protection methods produce for “those days “.

2. Provides comfort

The menstrual flow retention capacity is much higher than the already known systems, so the risk of having “accidents” with the menstrual cup is much lower if it is used correctly. And as if this were not enough, it adapts to the different activities and sports you can do, including swimming.

3. You save

If you take good care of your menstrual cup, it can last for many years. If you value its cost in relation to the time you will use it, it will be easy for you to notice that the initial investment is highly compensated. To check this, you can do the following exercise: search the net for the menstrual cup brand available in your country; Check the cost and divide it by 60 (approximate number of months corresponding to a period of five years, which is the useful life of the cup). Now compare it with the monthly expense that your current protection system implies and then draw your own conclusions.

4. Respect the environment

. A woman uses an average of 10,000 feminine pads (pads) or tampons throughout her fertile time. This type of waste, due to the material with which it is made, will take approximately 200 years to biodegrade. On the other hand, with the cup you do not leave any type of residue, since it is not disposable.

5. Help reduce deforestation

We all know that nowadays the felling of trees has increased. This is mainly due to the amount of products that need the raw material obtained from them. The cup contributes to reducing these rates, since it uses different technologies and raw materials for its manufacture.

6. It is discreet

You can take it anywhere in the small cotton cloth bag with which it is sold, and no one will notice its presence.

7. It is easy to clean

. To keep it clean, you only need a little warm water and in a couple of minutes you can save it until your next period.

These are just some of the many charms that this new method of feminine protection has. In any case, I invite you to discover for yourself the benefits of its frequent use. However, as I always advise, if you have any doubts, it is better to talk to your gynecologist, who can guide you in the search for the best personal intimate care options that suit you.

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