One Of The Most Shocking Letters You Have Ever Read, Written By A Different Child, Will Make You Reflect

Education cannot be complete if you do not teach your child values ​​that will make him a better person at all times.

How can we teach our children how to treat and respect children with this type of syndrome?

Often any kind of child with a disease or syndrome is singled out and rejected by their own schoolmates. This is mainly due to the fact that infants are very sincere about what they feel and express without knowing that on many occasions they can be very cruel to others. This often happens to children who suffer from a condition.

The National Autism Association published a poem written in the handwriting of a little boy named Benjamin, who suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome (a brain development disorder characterized by deficiencies in social interaction, motor coordination, and uncommon interests of the person and their behavior).

Apparently it is not new since due to its characteristics it is believed that the famous scientist Albert Einstein and Issac Newton could suffer from it, in fact it is estimated that 3 out of every 1,000 children could suffer it and that it is more common in males.

The letter expresses the feelings of many children who, like him, have something different that the same diversity of human beings does not know or accept. I invite you to read it as if Benjamin himself were in front of you.

«I am different, I am new

I wonder if you too

I hear voices in the air

I see that you do not and that is not fair.

I don’t want to feel sad.

I am different, I am new

I pretend that you too

I feel like a child in space

I touch the stars and I feel out of place.

I am concerned about what others might think.

I cry when people make fun, it hurts me.

I am different, I am new

Now I understand that you are too

I feel like a castaway

I dream of the day when everything is alright

I try to fit in.

If you were in doubt about whether the children were aware of people’s rejection or if they could suffer because of it, I’m sure that the letter helped you to clarify it in the same way as many others.

readA train ride made him see what he was doing for his son

And like many adults, in the same way children do not know how to live with them. That is why you as a mother can do a lot, firstly to teach her about different diseases; secondly so that she learns to respect others and thirdly so that she values more each part of her body, her health and abilities that allow her to be herself.

What you should not forget to instill in your child so that he or she is always a better person

1. Disease

If your child has a partner with a disease, investigate together with him what it consists of, what are its general characteristics, his weaknesses and strengths, in this way he can have a better reference.

2. Equality

Talk to your child about the phrase that “we are all the same” and explain how this happens if each human being has different characteristics; as well as the importance of knowing each other in order to be respected and accepted as each one is.

3. Reflection

To complement their values, change roles with your child, that is, pretend that he is your partner and question him about his way of feeling about the attitude of the people around him, so he will acquire a clearer reasoning and overwhelming.

It is still not known why there are so many things that affect children and do not allow them to “live” their childhood one hundred percent, perhaps nothing can be done for all the children in the world, what you can do is search that each father and mother seek their own children to be happy and within them there is love and respect for human beings, aspects that will also bring them happiness.

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