Ocd, Lethal For Those Who Suffer From It And For Their Family

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder seriously affects your life, as it prevents you from fully enjoying any moment, and it is a heavy burden on those around you. Detect it in time and start the treatment.

Camilo had just turned 37 and was still single, which was something incomprehensible to all the people around him, as most considered him a great match. However, his best friend Ferney did have some idea why Camilo had not yet become engaged.

Camilo was extremely obsessive, although he never got to the point of imagining that he had a mental disorder. But also, he had grown up in a home where obsessive behaviors were normal.

Camilo and Ferney met in college. Very soon Ferney noticed that something about Camilo was wrong. Recurrently in class, Camilo tore the pages of his notebooks every time he made a small mistake, he was mortified if he was not clean-shaven or if a grease stain spoiled his clothes. Every time classes ended, Camilo stayed for two or three minutes to clean the board and tidy up the classroom chairs. When they went out to eat somewhere, he asked for gloves to take the salt shakers, the sauces and his visits to the bathroom to wash his hands were countless.

In time, only Ferney remained by his side. None of the relationships she tried worked for her. He became extremely jealous and controlling. He always believed that he was being cheated on by his girlfriend on duty.

Surprisingly, it was precisely love that prompted a change in Camilo. During his student years at the university he met Angela. She was a very calm and jovial girl who fixed her eyes on Camilo, despite the fact that his behavior was clearly unpleasant. However, at the university there were no approaches. Years later the two single men were reunited, Angela had postponed the marriage while completing her graduate studies in another country and then her success in working life took her away from the idea of ​​marriage and children.

While the relationship was just beginning, Camilo accepted a psychiatric evaluation, thanks to which he has been diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD).

What is OCD and how can you manage it?

The causes of OCD are not yet clearly identified. However, one of the probable causes is the deficiency of serotonin, a neurotransmitter responsible for inhibiting impulsivity and aggression. The characteristics of this disorder are the appearance of ideas, thoughts, images and repetitive and obstinate behaviors that are not produced voluntarily and that require a correct diagnosis and treatment.

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Symptoms of OCD


Exaggerated fear of being contaminated, gaining weight, dying or leaving home. Fatalistic ideas. Continuous and repetitive thoughts about the same idea. Recite (pray) constantly in a silent way. Involuntary repetition of the same word mentally or silently.


Wash your hands repeatedly and even when they are extremely clean. Cleaning excessively. Eat nonstop. Buy uncontrollably and unnecessarily. Check the same thing over and over again. Order excessively. Accumulate unnecessary objects.

The treatment

The disorder must be properly diagnosed by a mental health professional. Its treatment includes the supply of drugs to control anxiety and a behavioral therapy where the patient is exposed to situations that cause fear until she is able to tolerate the anxiety that it generates.

What else can you do?

Alternative psychotherapies

With natural resources, such as flower extracts and aromatherapy, alternative medicine has shown important results in the control and treatment of mental illnesses.

Eat healthy and exercise

Exercise, specifically, is a great catalyst for anxiety.

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Become aware of compulsive thoughts and behaviors

try not to give them much opportunity to settle in your life. Try to control yourself. Willpower and wanting to heal are fundamental elements in the process of healing any physical or mental illness.

Obsessive compulsive disorder seriously affects your life, to the extent that it prevents you from enjoying any moment healthily, it also becomes a heavy burden for those around you. Detect it as soon as possible and start the treatment, because the good news is that with adequate control of the symptoms you can have a completely normal and pleasant life.

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