No One Is Immune From The Dire Consequences Of Not Being Honest

Home is the place where the principle of honesty must be learned, and where one must live most unalterably. No one is immune from the dire consequences of not being honest.

The “innocent” lie

I have been a teacher for over twelve years. But I have been a student for much longer. For this reason, when the boys who sit in the farthest part of the room are distracted in some activity outside the class, it is very evident to me, not so much because I am an expert teacher, but because I am an outstanding student.

Sometimes I realize that they are eating fried foods or cakes despite being prohibited by the regulations. So I call whoever is doing it and say, “Miss, please stop eating and continue reading aloud.” The fun comes when, to cover it up, they choke on the bite and say, with their voices spoiled by the food in their mouths: “No, professor, I’m not eating.”

The matter gets serious

Deception is not always so obvious. Unfortunately, valuables are often lost and when asked if anyone knows what happened, no one answers anything. In previous years, a meticulous search was made, and sometimes the object was found and the person responsible was exposed. Today doing that is prohibited in almost everyone, because it seeks to protect the possible culprits of the public signal.

The consequences

Dishonesty hurts all levels of trust, and sometimes it is not possible to restore it.

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What action is taken then? How does a factory, a company or a store deal with the losses generated by what is known as “ant theft”, that theft in small quantities perpetrated by people who hide merchandise or materials from a certain place in their briefcases or bags?

For example, the price of all products marketed, be it fruit, flour, clothing, stationery, household appliances and electronic devices – such as televisions and gadgets – includes a percentage destined to pay insurance against theft and other “losses”, as they euphemistically call it. This is how large corporations face the extremely high probability that some “loss” will occur with a certain periodicity.

Home: the school of honesty

Home is the place where you should learn the principle of honesty, and where you should live most. I often know of husbands or wives who never tell their spouse how much money they actually earn. Hiding that information from friends, claiming the right not to disclose in public the exact amount we earn is a somewhat sensible prerogative, but hiding it from our partner, from the person who has entrusted us with their whole life, is inconceivable, and on many occasions it is the first of many acts of dishonesty that are committed within marriage and parenthood.

Most spouses and boyfriends who are infidel (which is necessarily a lack of honesty) have been used to other forms of falsehood: some are regular cheats at school assignments, others stole money from their mother’s purse, some more told false stories about their family so that people would give them gifts and so on.

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“At any cost”

Many are the cases in which parents demand good academic, cultural, sporting and even professional results from their children, regardless of whether the means by which they are going to achieve it is honest or not: ¬ęGive me high marks, no matter what. place”. Unfortunately, children and young people (and even worse, I must say that many adults) do not have a well-structured ethical profile, and in order to obtain the required result they are capable of lying, cheating, stealing and even consuming harmful substances , so as not to lose the love of parents, certain economic favors or permits, or keep your job.

If we teach by word and example the value of honesty, then the first and foremost thing that we and our children will seek will be to safeguard peace of mind and dignity, and all efforts undertaken will be correct.

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