Next Year, Or The Art Of Making Excuses

At some point you will have lost the opportunity to carry out your plans. The here and now is a command to obey if you don’t want to later regret what you let go of.

Next year is not a date: next year is an excuse. Whenever we want to reschedule —or postpone— the decisions of our life, we resort to that hackneyed phrase “Next year,” which is more than a plan to prevent us from daring to take the first step to achieve our wishes.

Well then, let me tell you that the new year is here again. This is the time to get into a starting position – as if it were the starting point of a race – before the final time: the exact time you wonder if you are ready to start doing what you promised for that year that you have been “rallying” for a long time, or if you will again wrap yourself in the comfort of New Year’s resolutions that you do not plan to fulfill.

Time has several peculiarities, one of them is that it does not return, although fortunately it does not stop giving us opportunities to take advantage of it. The sad thing is that, being overconfident in that characteristic, we waste it. And then one day comes his relentless revenge: time does not age, but it does age us.

At that point, “next year” will no longer be a possibility, but an impossibility. Where do I want to get to with all this pun on the year to come and time? In that at this precise moment when you read me, you are — we are, said the other — getting old and that at some point you will have lost the opportunity to carry out your plans. The here and now is a command to obey if you don’t want to later regret what you let go of. Then then comes the question: How do we prepare for it to stop being the perfect pretext? Here I give you the following tips:

1. Do you remember your goals?

How long have you wondered what you want, what do you expect from life? Where are you going, what are you doing regarding what you want to achieve? More so: Do ​​you know the answers?

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2. Make up your mind!

If you are looking to make decisions, make some things clear, let out what you have between your chest and back, do not wait, it will be just as difficult now or that first day of the year. Take care that wishes do not become frustrations that poison you.

3. Change now!

This is not the first of January. May your first day be today, and be tomorrow, and be it every day until you see what you want. Every day cannot be postponed. You have to be aware that life, like time, does not wait.

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4. Dream big!

“Dreams are like stars, you cannot touch them, but if you follow them they will take you to your destination.” This beautiful phrase came to me today, I kept it to inspire me, and I give it to you to guide you.

5. Do it now!

You may have to wait for next year, but the best thing is that you already have it set aside, paid, scheduled, etc. Whatever it is, have everything ready beforehand. Decide the place, the times, the dates, and from this moment you do not have that time for anything else.

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Change things, but above all, change you! That next year is not an excuse, that time in any case is the necessary pretext to do whatever you want at this moment, now, because there may be no tomorrow. But what you can always be sure of is that what counts is today.

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