Newborn Has In Hand The Intrauterine Device That Did Not Work And Let His Mother Get Pregnant

Her mother found out she was pregnant 18 weeks after she conceived him.

Lexter’s photo has been shared more than 60,000 times, in some cases because of the sensationalism created by some outlets, but in others, because of the miraculous story surrounding the fact that he was conceived.

The true story

The photo of the newborn baby with his mother’s intrauterine device was taken by a friend of Lucy Hellein, Lexter’s mother, as reported by herself in an interview with Firstcoast ABC News.

The photo appeared on Facebook and immediately went viral with many people claiming that the baby was born that way and with others wondering if the photo was fake.

ABC reports having used Google’s tool to verify if the photo had been tampered with, but the answer was negative; The photo is one hundred percent real, however, this is not how Lexter was born.

Lexter was born in a caesarean section and the device that Lucy had put on as a contraceptive method so as not to get pregnant was found during the operation, that’s when they placed it in the baby’s hand and took the viral photograph, in the form of sarcasm, for the fact that the device ‘DID NOT fulfill its function’.

How effective is an IUD (intrauterine device)?

According to the same source, Luccy was using a Mirena brand IUD that claims to be 99 percent effective in preventing pregnancy. In Lucy’s case, she was one of the exceptions or 1 percent that does not work, and when doctors tried to locate the device after confirming her pregnancy, to remove it, they could not find it.

According to Family Planning, the chances of a woman becoming pregnant while using an IUD are extremely slim; only one in 1000 women has this unforeseen outcome.

What are they and how do they work?

According to the information presented in Plannet Parentood, it is a small device in the shape of a “T” that is placed by a doctor in the woman’s uterus and has the function of preventing pregnancy.

Its effectiveness is 99% and one of its best benefits is that you can have it for several years (up to 12, according to this medium.

There are two types of devices, the copper one and the hormonal one. Both are intended to “change the way the sperm moves so that it cannot reach the ovum”, thus avoiding fertilization.

What makes it “more” effective than other contraceptive methods such as pills is that it does not depend on your memory or the availability of having it when you need it since once inserted by your doctor, you can not worry … almost not worry , since we know that it has a margin of error.

What happens if you still get pregnant with the device?

Something extremely important is to know that, according to what was stated by Dr. Lanalee Araba Sam, in Parents, 25% of women who use Mirena stop having their period and it is normal for you to suspect or not know if you got pregnant Therefore, it is important that when suspected, you confirm it with a pregnancy test or a blood test.


If you have an IUD and become pregnant, it is extremely important that you confirm it as early as possible, as it is estimated that 50% of women who conceive with a device in their uterus may lose the baby.

If your pregnancy is confirmed, your doctor will remove the device so that you and your baby are in good health during pregnancy.

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