My Grandmother’s Secrets To Fall In Love With, Which Will Never Go Out Of Style

Do you want to know what my grandmother did to make her husband fall in love? She knew how to find a way to keep the flame of love alive in her marriage. I tell you her secret.

My grandparents met when he was fourteen and she was nine years old. They were friends in adolescence and when she was twenty, he proposed to be boyfriends. He always said that he loved her from the first moment. Since she was fifteen, she wrote poems for him, but hid her love from the rest of the world. Through the years that love remained intact. But, since caring for the couple requires effort and dedication, they had to work to keep their 45-year marriage full of love.

Personally, I have very beautiful memories of both, but especially of my grandmother. She was an adorable woman, a great artist wherever you look at her: a painter, a lover of good reading and, above all, a great cook. She had a couple of fat books full of delicious recipes. But she did not prepare them as the book said, but added her personal touch. She recreated the recipes every time she repeated them, looking for new combinations and, in addition, she decorated the dishes in such a delicate way that it was even worth eating.

He spent hours in the kitchen. Then she cleared the table and placed a beautiful tablecloth embroidered by her, or by her mother. Just looking at these handicrafts, one was speechless, amazed. Then he would take the china from a beautiful oak cabinet in the dining room and set the table. He was assigned a dessert for each meal. And not only was he dedicated to entertaining his husband, but he had a notebook with the favorite foods of each member of the family. When someone came to visit, she had already prepared the guest’s favorite dishes. This was how she showed her love, and that dedication she put into it was like a caress for the soul.

Although each person is unique and expresses their love in different ways, if you like cooking, you can try a beautiful romantic dinner for you and your husband. How can you implement this and create a special moment? Here are some tips for you:

Choose any night

No need to wait until your wedding anniversary or birthday. Sometimes choosing a day at random takes us out of the routine: any day is special to show our love.

Take the children to their grandparents

Prepare a romantic moment, where you can spend some quiet time alone.

Decorate the place

Light candles, put a vase with flowers. Sometimes it is not necessary to spend money: look in the street, in your garden or in the neighbor’s. Wild flowers are the most beautiful.

Look for different recipes

With dishes they have never tried. So they get out of the routine.

Cook thinking about him

It is essential that when you cook you do it thinking about that loved one, about how you met him, about the beautiful moments together.

Create an atmosphere

Choose harmonious music to liven up your dinner.

Write a message

Put a special message on your plate. Something that is born from your heart. It could be, for example: “I love you, I missed you today.”

Also consider three more tips, which apply to both:

Dress well

With the best clothes, as if they were dining at the most elegant restaurant in the world.

Talk only about nice things

Make an effort so that during dinner you only talk about things that do not cause stress or sadness. Forget the problems for a moment.

Have fun

A fun idea is to play that they do not know each other and that they are on their first date, that will make the laughter take over the place.

Sharing a special moment and paying attention to your partner will help to strengthen the love between you. Surely, this detail will awaken the gratitude of your husband and perhaps, on another occasion, you will be the one surprised.

And you, do you have any secret to fall in love with?


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