My Goals And My Husband’s Are Different

A marriage that has no goals or dreams can be considered empty. So it’s time to set goals with your partner, here I tell you how.

Have you heard this phrase ?: “You go one way and I go the other.” I remember that on many occasions my husband told me. This means that although there is great love in a marriage, sometimes personal goals and interests change over time. This can cause arguments, anger, frustration, and can even end a marriage if you don’t know how to handle the situation.

With communication and love you can set goals again, but if you do not have the habit of talking about the needs of each one, due to fear or selfishness, possibly you will not live happily. Therefore, here are some tips so that your goals and dreams always go hand in hand with those of your partner.

1. Focus on what you want

Before talking to your partner, the first thing you should do is reflect on your goals: what do you want to achieve? How will you do it? Is this goal personal or can it include my partner? do you want to do it? I recommend you write a letter where you organize your goals depending on their priority and the time they will be accomplished. When you have well defined what you want, now is the time to talk with your partner.

2. Listen to your goals

A successful marriage is about making clear where you are going and what you want to achieve. Ask your partner to take time to do the same exercise as you, so that you can know what the needs and goals that each one wants are. This will help them to get to know each other better, to know why their goals are different, and to better clarify the path they can take. Remember that in a marriage it is advisable to work as a team.

3. The goals are two

Although the goals are individual, you must seek the support of the couple so that they stop being personal and become objectives that they want to achieve together. A very simple example: my goal is to regain the weight I had; This is an individual goal, but my husband must be 100% involved in helping him to achieve it. How? changing your eating habits, exercising together, etc.

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4. Execute an action plan

It is not worth knowing what your goals are, if either of you is not 100% committed to achieving them. They must be involved and know perfectly the time, responsibilities and functions that they will carry out. Make a commitment and trust that the two of you can get results.

5. Achieve motivation

When either of the two is about to collapse in the face of adversity and believes that the goals are unattainable, it is time to motivate the couple. It is important to have positive thoughts, leaving aside the fears of failure, stress, anguish and insecurity, as these will not help your partner focus on doing their part.

6. Enjoy the rewards

When they have managed to meet any of the goals, they should recognize the mutual effort and congratulate each other for the achievements. It is important to celebrate and not let this moment pass because knowing that they could achieve it together is the key to joining as a couple.

7. Set new goals

In every marriage there are many goals but, when they have been achieved, it is important to consider others. This will strengthen your marriage, your commitment, your trust, and the joy of working together.

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As unattainable as dreams may seem, they can all materialize. Love and communication in your marriage are the way to achieve it. Do not lose faith and trust yourself, strengthen the union in your partner and achieve that happiness; now you know how to do it. Success!

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