My Dad Acts Like A Superhero

A father can become the villain or the superhero in his children’s story.

I am an only child, from a second marriage. When I was born my dad was 40 years old. This, plus the experience of his previous marriage, benefited me with his wisdom. I have many anecdotes together. These are the ones that marked my life forever:

Quality and quantity time

Tiredness from his hard work was never an impediment to spending time with me. From an early age she made me feel that I could go as far as I wanted. Thanks to him I learned how to use a screwdriver (screwdriver) and change the tire to a car, and I always had fun. He tried to take regular family walks; my favorite place was the beach, where in the mornings we would go out to collect shells and in the afternoons, we would watch the sunset as we walked to the pier.


He worked for many years for an American construction company, where he was doing well and allowing us to lead a comfortable life. Due to the change of government, she had to leave the country. My dad was one of the many who were left without a job, but it didn’t take long to find another, of course, with a lower salary compared to the previous one. The expenses were many, but we never lacked what was necessary thanks to his good administration. He would tell me: “You can walk with your head held high through life. Although we are not surrounded by luxury, we have achieved everything with our effort ”. To date, this advice has helped me to look at my husband, who has the same quality. And to cement this valuable principle in our daughters.

Never get tired of learning

In his time there were not many educational centers, there was a public one, but the quota was filling quickly. In addition, her parents, with a large family, found it impossible to afford a private place. Over the years and as a young man he worked hard to get ahead, working and studying at the same time. For this reason, it does not surprise me to remember him always reading, learning English or what he most enjoyed doing: mechanics. Always taking notes, researching and putting his new knowledge into practice.

It was he who encouraged me to learn from my childhood. He would tell me stories with enthusiasm before going to sleep. He guided me on my first bike rides. I was very surprised when he put on skates to learn and accompany me to a track, which was a few kilometers from home. Years later he was my teacher, driving a car. His advice to be cautious, respectful and courteous I apply to date. Thanks to this I acquired another way of being independent. I always repeated to myself in my youth: “Never stop studying, because tomorrow is uncertain. If you become a mother, and if for some reason you stay alone, you will be able to raise your children ”.

Love is a decision

My mom is a good and dedicated wife, only her character tends to be difficult at times. Still, my dad has always been patient and considerate. They passed fire tests and are still together. The day I had to experience my first challenge in my marriage, I asked her how she had achieved that stability in her life. And she replied: “There are good days and others not so much. The main thing is to understand that nobody is perfect, so it will be easier to see what weighs the most on the scale. If the good outweighs more, it is worth fighting and deciding to love, because that is true love.

Honor your parents

There are parents who negatively mark the lives of their children, but my dad was exceptional. He once commented to me that most parents at that time used to be cold and strict. So he set out not to repeat the same story. He was a loving son until adulthood. I remember when I accompanied him on his weekly visits to my grandmother’s house, always polite and helpful. She was proud of her way of being. By her good example now I try to repeat the same thing. She reminded me: “Parents are respected, no matter what they are. They are your parents and God says you have to honor them. ”I understood this over the years, when it was my turn to be a mother.

Be generous

My best childhood friend at age 8 lost his dad in a car accident. His mother, who was a homemaker, was suddenly faced with a desperate situation. My father, without thinking twice, watched over and cared, to the best of his ability, for that family. My friend’s mother managed to get ahead and meet her needs. When we went out for walks, my dad was not against me taking my best friend with us. Both my father and my mother treated him like another son; This made strong ties between us: my friend, who is now a father, often comes, with his wife and daughter, to visit the “fake grandparents”, as he affectionately calls them.

Be the protagonist of your own story

Finally, I leave you this moving video ( click here ). I do not know the challenges you are facing at this time, but from my heart I tell you that the Being who created you wants to change your situation. Seek it from the heart! There are promises of blessing in your life. You’ll see how you manage to be a superhero.


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