Music: How It Can Help Us To Relieve Daily Stress

In those moments in life when stress affects our daily habits and family relationships, music can help us find the relief we seek.

When there come moments in life when we have to face difficulties, we can make use of such a positive aspect as music, because there are songs that we can find in the lyrics an appropriate message, or a rhythm and harmony that nourish our spirit . If your family has songs that have been key in decisive and important moments, I recommend you collect them so that they can be transmitted and used when necessary, because you can benefit from listening to music that calms your mind. For example, my family and I have identified some songs that we like very much and we listen to them in tense moments that would be overwhelming had it not been for hearing that song at the precise time. There are other songs that help us to have good spirits when we are doing a task that requires energy. Here are some of the ways that music helps you overcome unpleasant moments and even enjoy the moments that are pleasant:

Songs of comfort and peace

When certain difficulties appear in life, it has helped me a lot to have identified a consoling song, such as a religious hymn, an inspiring melody or simply the sound of an instrumental melody that helps me just close my eyes and think about previous experiences , find calm and think about overwhelming feelings, to give way to positive thoughts.

The songs of genuine gratitude

there are times when we feel great joy for good events that happen. If there is a song of gratitude, it does very well to sing it in our mind or out loud, so that others know our appreciation. For example, at important events such as our wedding, my husband and I chose a very beautiful song about friendship and we presented it (by singing it) to all the family and friends present who accompanied us to the farewell to express our gratitude. The song was called “Those who give us their love”, and it not only filled our hearts with great joy but also with appreciation for all who were present at that time.

Love songs

When the children are born, it is so nice to have a memorized song that can be a lullaby to sing to the children when holding them in the arms. In my personal case, I have composed a personal song for each of my children, and that has become my musical legacy for them, but each father is different, and for that reason you could find a beautiful song that makes you think about your son and dedicate it with all the love of a father or mother who appreciates him.

Whatever song you need to choose, there is a theme for every occasion, you just have to find it. So, whether you can appreciate a sunrise in all its glory, take a morning walk, or just reflect, don’t forget to take a moment to stop and think of the right song. Then listen, feel and live the song that nature will sing for you for the only time. Every moment is unique and beautiful, especially if it is accompanied by the right song.

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