Movies, Readings And Series To Watch This Christmas With The Family

Enjoy this time with your family eating deliciously and enjoying TV. Is so much beauty true?

These December dates mean time for reflection, joy, travel and of course sharing dinners and parties with family and friends, but it also includes being able to enjoy a lot of free time where we can enjoy leisure but better still spend time together quietly. .

Currently many families like to watch TV, go to the movies, comment on readings or watch a series without having to go outside.

So if you are going to spend time at home or you just want to wear your pajamas and enjoy your children and husband, I invite you to enjoy some of these suggestions together with them:

The famous overheated

Mexicans have a special taste for “reheated” it is about heating over and over again what is left of Christmas and New Year’s dinners until it is finally over. Many say that the hotter the stew is, the tastier it will be and that is why “reheated” is the best option to avoid cooking day and after day and to be able to stay in bed or in a comfortable chair watching an entertaining series.

If “reheating” will be finished early, be prepared by keeping cucumbers, carrots and potatoes in the refrigerator, they can be a great snack for children. Popcorn or dehydrated vegetables can also be a very healthy and tasty option for everyone.

Feeding. Emphasis has super delicious videos and recommendations.

Happy christmas

This is a 2014 movie directed by Joe Swanberg if you have kids in their 20s it is very good and interesting.

The fourth Wise King The other wise man

A classic tale for these dates that reminds us of what is truly important this season. Very good for any age.

readSimple and inexpensive crafts for Christmas

Christmas story

The classic Charles Dickens always present in any of its many versions, it is very good and whether it is for Christmas or general culture, your young children should see it or read the story, it is a classic not to be missed!

The Grinch

If you are a mother of young children, the Grinch is a basic children’s story. I read all the literature of Dr. Seuss with my young daughters because the language, the themes and the color of the drawings are very attractive to children, especially if they are learning English, you can get the works both in Spanish like in English.

Seussville presents all the information for parents about the literature of this famous children’s author and if children want to see the characters come to life, then The Grinch is one of the spoiled to see the film.

After reading or watching the movies, talk with your children about what they saw, you will find great topics and lessons in these simple stories.

The shoemaker or Where there is love, there is God by León Tolstoi

Prepare the box of tissues because you will cry seriously. There is no heart. As hard as it is to not be moved by this beautiful story, which being so old continues to touch hearts.

Tolstoy himself said that for him his greatest work was this story and not War and Peace as many suppose, this because according to his own words, this story has affected more people to change their lives. You must see it!

13 reasons

A very tough and controversial series that caused a sensation among teenagers. You should definitely see it with your teenage children if they are curious but above all you should discuss with them the topic it offers, surely you will have a lot to listen to and teach your children. It is not recommended for young children.

Stranger Thinghs

A youth series about friendship and strange things that happen in a small town. Again, a fashion series for young people and teenagers where adults have the opportunity to chat with their children.

This season is also restful and spending time together enjoying a good movie can also be a great family activity.

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