Mother Walks 41 Km In The Snow Taking Her Own Urine To Save Her Son, However, The Miracle Comes From The Other Side

“I am not going to leave my son without a mother, my husband without a wife, nor that my parents have to bury me.”

A “somewhat poorly planned” trip ended with this family in the middle of nowhere in front of 3 feet of snow, no signal on their phones and with a 10-year-old in the back of their car. But a mother’s love goes beyond logic.

Karen Klein’s journey lasted, according to the Daily News, 36 hours in the snow, freezing temperatures and no food.

Klein stated in an interview with NBC News, that she had started to think about giving up, but never did.

The Pennsylvania native family was traveling to Utah’s natural wonders over Christmas weekend, never knowing that the national parks would be closed and that a snowstorm was coming.

Using Google, they ended up on a dead end, and stranded in the middle of nowhere and snow.

The three of them decided that Karen, 46, was the one who was in the best physical condition to go out and seek help, and without thinking twice, this mother got out of the vehicle and decided to seek help by going to one of the main routes, which was nothing more and no less than 40 kilometers away.

Without finding help in his path, almost at the end he began to hallucinate and finally found a cabin, broke a glass, entered and lost consciousness.

The help did not come from her, but from her husband, who walked about 20 km until he found a signal for his mobile phone and could call 911. Help arrived 4 hours later for the father and son, and Karen was rescued 6 hours later.

This brave mother will have to amputate some of her fingers that were completely frozen during the arduous walk that she was only able to do with three things in mind:

  • I will not leave my son without a mother

  • I will not leave my husband without his wife

  • I won’t let my parents have to bury me

She went out to seek help, but when she realized that it was actually more difficult than she had thought, love for her family was what kept her alive, without stopping.

She never gave up, not even when her own mind started to.

A Christmas miracle that is the most tangible proof that a mother’s love has NO limits.

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