Mother Lies That Her Daughter Hurt Herself; When His Father Arrives At The Hospital He Realizes That Something Terrible Had Happened

A joint custody, a new boyfriend, a father if he can do nothing and the worst possible outcome. Who can report this type of abuse?

“The girl was injured in an accident”

With these words Senad Kardasevic receives the news that his little daughter Arina was admitted to the hospital in serious condition, according to the mother’s version, the little girl was injured when she came into contact with a radiator, but nothing of what this woman said it was true.

The girl remained hospitalized for two days and died due to the serious bruises, breaks and blows she received, according to what was published by the Newsner.

The doctors tried to do everything possible to save the life of this innocent little girl, but it was too late. Her father, who was with his daughter the entire time, still cannot understand how this could have happened, despite his multiple complaints to the Slovenian Department for Children and Families.

There was not enough evidence

When you work for an institution where children who are physically or emotionally abused by their parents are housed, as in my case, this phrase “there is not enough evidence” is well known and produces mixed feelings.

It is that sometimes the laws with the intention of protecting both parties, or not accusing without proof, unfortunately need things to go to extremes, something that I will never understand.

Arina’s history of physical abuse began when Sanda Alibabic, the girl’s mother, began dating Mirzan Jakupi. Every time Senad, the biological father visited her, he found that the little girl had bruises, and more and more times in a row.

He filed a complaint with the Social Service of his country, but they did not believe him.

After continuing to call and denounce that the girl could not be with the mother and the woman’s new partner, the Social Service decided to make a routine visit, where it carried out a questionnaire, reaching the conclusion that “there was not enough evidence »Of physical abuse, being that the moment to save the life of the little girl.
The photo of the father kissing his little girl in the hospital bed while she is connected to a respirator, now serves as a clear and EVIDENT message to what this girl was exposed.

The Minister of the Country himself conveyed his condolences to the girl’s father and family, expressing forcefully “this should never have happened, it is inconceivable and he has no excuses.”

The department of the child and the family

The Department of Children and Families (DCF for its acronym in English) is the institution in the United States that cares for and protects children from child abuse and neglect.

Throughout the world, each country has its own child protection system, and although they work differently, the end goal is the same “Protect the child”, and the process in general is also similar.

This Department contacts the family, once an anonymous or non-anonymous complaint is received that a child is being abused by their parents or someone close to the family, for which it sends a Social Worker to the home to carry out an investigation and follow-up as appropriate. .

Many cases remain in that initial stage, unfortunately, because as I explained in advance, one of the requirements is to present visible evidence of the abuse, in some cases the siblings can verify the information, but in general this does not happen due to the same fear of reprisals .

If physical abuse is proven, the minor and other minors in the family are immediately removed from the home by order of a Judge, housed in a shelter until they are located in a temporary home or for adoption.

In another case, this Department through the Social Worker who works with the family of origin for family reunification. The Department of Family clearly states that not all cases are considered for a subsequent visit or follow-up.

Causes of child abuse and family reunification

Within child abuse there is a wide range of possibilities to get children back. Some cases are preventable; in others, the family requires more time, and in the worst cases the children are never recovered by the family of origin.

The causes in which parents abuse their children are also varied and problematic, such as:

  • Parents who grew up in a home of abuse.
  • Socio-economic problems.
  • Mental or emotional health problems.
  • Abuse is culturally accepted.

Family reunification is the attempt by the Department of Children and the family to return the child to his biological family group. It depends on each country the time given to parents to recover their children, in the case of the United States, it is generally given between a year to a year and a half, where parents receive therapeutic and family support for the reintegration of affected minors.

Ironically, family reunification occurs in very few cases since the parents do not meet the goals and expectations set by the judge in the case.


My experience in this area of ​​work has helped me understand and understand that in the abuse of children there is always a history of abuse in the previous family, and sometimes removing the little ones from their homes is the only way to stop that. chain. That the system is not adequate or sometimes it makes mistakes, if it is true, but the task of being there, in the eye of the hurricane, is not easy.

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