Mother Gives Birth To Baby With Arms Like A Bodybuilder; Although It Is A Miracle That She Is Alive They Call Her The Baby Hulk

“She looked very different from what we expected … She looked drastically different.” Now they nickname her Baby Hulk.

“She looked very different from what we expected … She looked drastically different.” Now they nickname her Baby Hulk.

Her name is Madison and I was born in Florida suffering from a condition known as Clove Syndrome. This genetic mutation is responsible for the little girl being born with her arms and chest with the appearance of the muscles of a bodybuilder.

This rare condition only affects 200 people worldwide, as reported in the story published by the Daily Mail.

Doctors consider that the fact that Madison is still alive is a miracle. The fluid retention that accumulates in the tumors under your arms and on your torso weighs more than two kilograms.

Doctors realized something was wrong with the little girl on the ultrasound they did when she was only 15 weeks pregnant.

Madison is literally a walking miracle

Despite doctors’ predictions that she would not survive, and if she did, she would never walk, this little girl proved the exact opposite.

Her mother comments that they started calling her Baby Hulk or the baby Hulk after an incident in which twins asked her why she was like that. The first thing her mother came up with so the kids wouldn’t tease her was that Madison’s dad was the Incredible Hulk. Apparently the children left thinking that the girl was amazing.

Her mother goes on to explain that she says that to the little ones because she doesn’t think they can really understand the medical explanation and she doesn’t want people to be afraid of her daughter, who only has a genetic deformation.

When was born

Her mother explains that when her daughter was born, she was completely filled with lymphatic fluid.

In order for her to continue living, doctors follow a treatment in which they remove a small amount of fluid from her arms and mix it with medicine and then inject it again.

She has to use compressions 24 hours a day and fluid is drained twice a day.

The hope doctors have is that over time the tumors will shrink and that an operation will be possible to remove them.

What is this syndrome and how is it acquired?

According to the Organization for Rare Diseases, this syndrome is not inherited and is caused by a somatic mutation at the cellular level in the gene known as PIK3CA.

It is an extremely rare condition and affects men and women equally, as far as is known.

The symptoms are evident because the deformations can be observed from the ultrasounds that are done during pregnancy. This syndrome can affect internal tissues, blood vessels, bones, and organs.

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