Mother Fights Cancer During Her Pregnancy, Wins And Gives Birth, But Fate Takes Her Life In The Most Unexpected Way

“Tomorrow is a big day. God has been by my side all the time ”, were his last published words.

It is one of those stories that resembles a movie in which we know that the protagonist is sick with cancer, we know that it is not real, but nevertheless, since it is Hollywood, we spend the whole movie praying that something happens and that he or the protagonist is saved.

Almost like Fall in New York, this real life case brings this brave mother, wife and wife very close to beating her death sentence but not succeeding.

If there’s one thing Jamie Snyder never lost, it was the smile on his face.

This is how the note published by ABC7 relates . Jamie had become a celebrity for his popular smile and positive attitude to each of the trials that life threw before him.

Her best friend, Larina Companile, says that the more difficult things got for her, the more she smiled to encourage herself.

No one would have known that Jamie had cancer if you didn’t know her

Jamie battled with two cancers, and beat them both. Despite the fact that she had lost one of her ovaries in the battle with cancer, she and against all odds became pregnant for the second time.

A new cancer comes back

After receiving the news that she was pregnant, the doctors announced that she now had cervical cancer and that they would do everything in their power to bring her pregnancy to term.

Jamie was expecting twins, and after extensive chemotherapy the doctors helped with the second miracle and eradicated the cancer, allowing them to focus on the development of the twins.

Despite the fact that the cancer had gone into remission, the doctors warned her that after the cesarean section they would remove her uterus and cervix to avoid complications in the future. And everything was going well and Jamie kept smiling.

One day before the cesarean section, she posted on her networks what would be her last written words, and as always they were full of faith

“Tomorrow will be a great day. God has been by my side all the time. All your prayers and love have kept me well. Wish me luck. I’ll have a cesarean section at 7 and then a radical hysterectomy. I’ll be fine. Thank you God for allowing me to think positive during these difficult times.

She came out of both operations very well, but fate had another plan for her

After coming out of both surgeries well, and being able to meet his beautiful twins, in the most unexpected way and once again against all odds, Jamie left this world the next day after a cardiac arrest.

Her friend declares that it gives her peace to know that she “got to know her children and carry them in her arms.”

As reported by the family to ABC7, the twins were born premature but were in good condition.

When the end is not what we expected, has faith failed us?

The definitive answer is NO. Faith moves mountains, and in this case it did. Jamie fought with all her faith to survive and to bring Nico and Camila into this world, but then she had to leave.

When we only focus on the bad (which is natural, because death does not seem to bring anything good), we stop seeing all the forest and the landscape that that person’s life painted in our lives.

Jamie fought to the end to bring her children, although their destiny would not continue here with them. Jamie is now her angel and an example of courage, of struggle, of faith, of showing a good smile in bad weather. Jamie leaves a priceless legacy for all of us that believing can actually move mountains.

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