More Current Than Ever, The Traditional Value Of Respect

I respect, you respect, we all respect. That is the secret – not so secret – of a better world!

If I had to choose a moral value that encloses in itself the basis of all the others, I would say that it is respect. If we respect the environment then it will not be damaged; If we respect biological, ideological and ethnic diversity, all of them will be able to coexist with each other. If we respect our family, our word, our life and life in general, all the actions we carry out will be aimed at preserving it in the best possible way.

So if I had to choose a reason why so many things in the world go wrong, I would have to say that it is due to a lack of this value. Increasing racism, human and natural resource exploitation, intolerance, violence, unequal distribution of wealth, indolence in the face of the pain of others, are just a few examples that have their origin in a relationship lacking in respect between people. human beings and their environment.

In the case of moral values, these are as old as the very existence of man, and arise from the need to coexist in society and to establish parameters that allow a harmonious coexistence. They have a lot of common sense and good will, but the most important thing is that they are learned at home. It is there where interpersonal relationships take place for the first time, where we learn to love ourselves, to love our fellow men, to treat them with the same respect that we desire and deserve for ourselves. Depending on the education we receive at home, it will be the behavior that we will replicate in every moment of our life.

As a father, mother or members of a family nucleus, we must be aware of the importance that we have at the social level in the education of future fathers, mothers, partners, wives, husbands, citizens in general and the impact that our teachings will have on them and in the world we are creating. When we allow the family relationship to lack empathy, consideration, solidarity; When we are unable to act by measuring consequences, the moral ties in charge of regulating our behavior simply disappear and the dangerous path of believing that we can act in any way we want without taking the other party into account begins.

If we stop to see our daily lives we will see how evident it is that we are no longer concerned with behaving like “ladies” and “gentlemen.” As women we have stopped demanding that men treat us with consideration and respect, under the premise that we will appear weak; while they hide behind “they wanted equality” to ignore such elementary procedures as offering a seat to a pregnant woman.

Technologically speaking, humanity has evolved, now we have tools that allow us to discover and create things, to solve many others that just a century ago we would not have imagined; however, our conduct, our manners seem to have regressed. The curious thing is that if we continue along this path of sociological irresponsibility, the damage will be irreparable and not all scientific advances will be of any help.

That is why it is so relevant to retake respect as the primary value of our interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships, since it is not only about respect for others and towards others, but also towards ourselves. Thinking about how we can proceed in this regard, I share some ideas:

  • Treat yourself how you want others to treat you.

  • Demand to be treated the way you want to be treated.

  • Treat others as you want them to treat you.

  • Do not forget that your body and your environment deserve and must be cared for; valuing life in all its expressions is respect.

  • Accept the differences and before making value judgments put yourself in the place of the other.

  • Be courteous, supportive, punctual, tolerant, friendly.

  • Expressing ourselves and leading in life with truth is also a demonstration of respect.

Remember that “much of the vitality of a friendship resides in respecting differences, not just in enjoying similarities” (James Fredericks).


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