Mom, You Know Me More Than I Know Myself

He loves you from the moment he knows you would come into the world, and that love will last forever, even after death.

My mom is perhaps – if I may say so – my best friend. She knows even the worst things about me that one can keep in the depths of his memory.

I remember that in my student days I was not a diligent girl, I must admit it, but no matter how bad it was at school, I was not capable of lying to my mother. First, I am very bad at lying, and besides, she didn’t deserve it. A few days before the report cards were handed in, they would let the students see them, so I knew how my classes were going. That same day that I found out, I let my mom know, and that’s why I never took her by surprise. Was she punishing me? no, but it certainly did help me study.

I can say with pleasure that it always was and still is. It is healthy and happy for both of us to trust her, as that guarantees me that I will have her support even if the things she discovers about me are not so pleasant for her.

Your mother knows you perhaps better than yourself

It is absurd to say that our mother does not know us better than the palm of her hands. I believe that when they are born and receive education from them, they have every right – and reason – to say that they are the ones who know us best in the world.

Returning to my personal case, my mother knows when I am sad and not because of my face and sorry expression, but because it is her. She knows when I keep something from her or when I get upset with her for something she told me. But I can even say that he knows me because I want him to. It would cost me nothing to deceive her, but it is that I am not born and I am not very good at doing it either.

Because he knows you, he knows what suits you or not

If you ever heard your mother say: “it is better that you stay away from such a person, it does not give me a good feeling”, you know very well that the results she predicted were very successful. Well, it happened to me many times, and I must admit that it bothered me a bit; however, my mom warned once and kept her distance. Later, when my trust, self-love and even my heart had been broken, she was always there to comfort me, and of course to tell me: “I told you so.”

If you are now motherI’m sure it happened to your children too. You know very well that mothers do not warn on a whim, but because the sixth sense (intuition) warns them about the possible dangers that approach their beloved offspring. You suffer because even though you know that you are right; still, your children will always try to learn on their own.

The good news is that some do heed what you warn them; that means a lot to a mom. It is not that the son has a weak character or her personality is opaque, it is that they are open to listening to the wisdom that the years give; also, that in the long run saves them a lot of suffering.

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Mom will always want to protect you

We children know that very well. Yes, they want to avoid our suffering, there is nothing wrong with that; However, some things in life also need to be experienced by ourselves. It is important that this happens to “fall” into that mistake only once in life and learn the lesson “the hard way.”

It is vital that mothers allow their children to live their lives and make their own decisions; wrong or wrong, it’s her life. The point is that if that does not happen, young people will become rebellious and will do everything possible to oppose their parents; As a result, they will make mistake after mistake just to prove to you that they can do whatever they want with their life.

Another important aspect that you should keep in mind as a mother is that you advise them about their choices, butdon’t saturate with warnings. The point is that if things go well for them, they may not even remember that you helped them see the way, but if things go badly, they will blame you for their failures.

Yes, it is good to want to protect them, but it is also good that you let them fall and get up; failure is a good teacher.

Limits in the mother-child relationship are healthy

Limits in all relationships are good and necessary. In the same way that it is terrible for a child to tell their parents what to do with the money they have saved for years, it is terrible for a mother to tell his children what to do with his life or how to live it.

Setting limits makes relationships healthy, and it also saves you a lot of problems; even more so, when we sometimes tend to blame others for our failures or hold them responsible for our poor choices.

Each one must live his life to his liking and pleasure; that way, spending time with the family is much more valued and enjoyable.

Children are the support of their parents

For one thing that Latinos stand out from other cultures in the world is in family unity. It is not strange for this to see children taking care of one of their parents when they are widowed or sick.

It is as if the roles were reversed. When we were children it was Mom and Dad who took care of us; Now, as time goes by, we are the ones who take care of them and dedicate time to them.

That is something that I am very clear about what I will do when my parents need me. I will do it with pleasure and pleasure because if they did it for me as a child, I see no reason to deny them my love and protection.

The truth is, today I think a lot about the day that I don’t have my mother with me, but I force myself to shake those ideas out of my head, I want to be aware that now she is with me and I should take advantage of those moments, because maybe tomorrow I won’t be able to. enjoy their love, care and protection.

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