Mom Who Works? Never Forget These Details

Yes, I know, times have changed and many things are different, but these are still very important. Of the forgetfulness that as a mother you make when raising your children.

The world has undergone significant changes from one generation to the next. Women and men of my generation were still raised by mothers who did not work outside the home, who dedicated themselves to the home and their children only. The vast majority of us were fed 100 percent homemade food, with vegetables and little soda (soda). We went out to play in the street and our mother was with us in the afternoons to help us, or at least she watched us do our homework (homework); But times have changed and today we new mothers face a very different scenario.

Today there are more mothers who work outside the home, who are head of the family and who make an effort every day to “stretch” the time to take care of their children. There are many activities that ultimately can no longer be done and others that, whatever happens, you should not give yourself “the luxury of not doing.” What are we talking about?

1. Make at least one family meal

Although it is true that as women the part of food preparation falls on us, it is also a reality that today we do and give the “fastest”, “most practical” and what can be done with the resources at hand . But putting the nutrition of children aside for a moment, there is an even more important issue: the feelings and emotions that are generated and transmitted during the intake of food. No meal should be a time for scolding and arguing. In my teaching work, it is very easy to know when a little one had a bad morning, if they scolded her or argued with her parents: her performance says it all. It does not matter which of the meals you share with your children, maybe it is only dinner or Sundays, but try to make it friendly, pleasant and cheerful. The most delicious delicacy can be the most bitter and the humblest food a succulent delicacy if it is shared with love.

2. Check your eyes, teeth, and feet frequently

In our rushing back and forth we see without observing, and many and serious problems may be in front of us and not see them until they have already become irreversible damage. Therefore, check that all your children see well, yes, check that their vision is healthy. Teachers are usually the ones who detect these problems earlier than parents, because they have the opportunity to spend more time with them in exercises that involve some visual acuity such as reading.

Something similar happens with the teeth: once the child changes teeth, the mother or the adults around him soon forget to supervise their hygiene and in adolescence it is increasingly common that they present problems such as gingivitis, or advanced cavities that will lead them to lose teeth at an early age. If it is within your means, have your children receive orthodontic treatments; many adults feel self-conscious and even have considerable respiratory problems because they were not treated in this regard.

And the feet are not far behind: you would be surprised to know how many teachers detect little ones with “flat feet” or some other orthopedic malformation. It happened, for example, that the physical education teacher noticed that one of his fifth-year elementary school students walked with a noticeable limp; The fact was reported to his parents and when the child reached the hands of an orthopedist the damage was done: his spine was already noticeably deformed, no one had noticed that he was born with one leg longer than the other, and a situation that could have been corrected with some ease in the past it was already irreversible damage.

If someone tells you that your child has a problem, do not feel guilty or take it the wrong way, just act and check that everything is in order.

3. Good manners

When a child is growing up “alone” it shows, and the same happens when there is a mother who is educating her children, because they are educated and considerate of others. Here I am going to tell you a secret: to educate a child you do not need to be with him all day, you only need to be consistent, congruent and constant with your words, your thoughts and your actions. The little or a lot of time you spend with them will show them the correct and reliable model to emulate.

There are many things you can put aside, not do, and even delegate to others, but training and raising children will always be your best job and your greatest source of joy. And then take time to enjoy them.

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