Mom: When You Are Little, Like Me, I Want Us To Play.

“When you are little I want us to play”: a phrase I heard from my child this week. It may sound incongruous, but for his world it is not, because for him everything is possible. Your children are crying out for the child in you to come out.

Children do not understand linear time like adults. They do not know that we were, much less that we will be. For them, thank God, the only thing that exists is a perfect present where they are, play and receive love. And mom and dad, at best, are the superheroes of history.

It is not necessary to go far back in time to remember a perfect childhood and do everything possible so that our children’s childhood is also perfect:

When you are little I want us to play.

This got me thinking. «Mom, I need you to be little»: today I need you to forget routines and habits, I need to find you in spaces where we can both enjoy ourselves, I need you to be like me.

Children bond through play

A fundamental and essential part of their lives happens through the game. They do not understand another way of connecting and learn much more than we imagine through it. For them there is the game, or nothing. Everything else is boring, imposed and often forces us to be creative to reach them through the game. But, in the best of cases, we can all be favored.

Sometimes we also need to be small

Understanding their world and the things that are important make us realize our present and enjoy it. Perhaps we are overwhelmed with schedules and daily tasks, and synchronizing with our children makes us realize that in that moment there is a part of their stories that is important. It takes longer to go to sleep because our six-year-old takes a little while to read a story to her brothers for the first time, it takes longer, longer, but in the end it is priceless.

Destruct us

And yet it makes us happier. Our little ones are not expecting us to be perfect according to our expectations. They are waiting for us to share and experience more hugs and kisses. They will not reproach us because we are not manual parents. They are waiting for us so that we can enjoy life with them and nothing else.

It is not an easy task to become small

Reconnecting with our inner child, while continuing to be the adult who sets limits and restrictions, is not impossible. And sometimes it is necessary. Our children need to feel close and feel that life is play. Let’s not deny them that possibility because we will be denying, also, a great possibility of communication with them. Rather let’s open our possibilities and return to our essence. Let’s find a balance in which we can all benefit. If your children are in need, I invite you to go back to being little in the game. They will be happy and you will be grateful to see them like this.

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