Model Lost Her Leg Due To The Use Of Tampons. Recognize The Symptoms Early!

Modelo lost her right leg due to not distinguishing the symptoms of toxic shock syndrome and mistaking them for the flu. EVERYTHING you need to know to protect your daughters.

All women decide the type of protection that we will use during menstruation; In the market we can find many different options, such as: tampons, sanitary napkins, menstrual cups, compresses, sea sponges, among others. However, the warning indications for each product sometimes go unnoticed, as one use proves its effectiveness.

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You should know that all products have written on the back, a warning, for the chemicals and components that are used to make them; sometimes some people are allergic to certain compounds. As was the case with the well-known model from Los Angeles, Lauren Wasser, who lost her leg due to suffering from Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS), as shared by the BBC and other media.

What is Toxic Shock Syndrome?

It is a serious bacterial disease that presents with fever and where several organs do not receive blood flow. It occurs in women in their menstrual cycle when using tampons, as well as in children and men when affected by the bacteria.

Lauren Wasser was 24 years old, she was at a party, without thinking she began to feel the symptoms of a common cold, fever, severed body, dizziness, chills among others, so she decided to retire home to rest. She never linked the symptoms to her menstrual cycle.

Upon arriving home, he immediately lay down on his bed, since he had a fever. The next day, her mother worried that Lauren was not answering her calls, asked a friend of her daughter to come to her house to find out what was happening. The friend found Lauren in a state of unconsciousness, since the fever had risen to 42 degrees, she was even covered with her own feces and vomited. When the Los Angeles police arrived, they decided to take her urgently to a nearby hospital.

Devastating news

In the hospital, the specialists confirmed that Lauren suffered from toxic shock syndrome, she was in an induced coma, since all her organs were failing, her blood pressure was unstable and she suffered a heart attack, also the fever rose every moment, for so the doctors had to connect her to a life support machine.

Upon awakening after a week and a half, Lauren received the devastating news that the doctors had amputated her right leg, due to the fact that she had developed a rapidly progressing gangrene, it even affected her left foot, for which she was also amputated from his five fingers and part of the heel.

The specialists recommended that Lauren amputate her left leg, however, she decided not to do it and continue fighting. However, after five years she lives with terrible pain that makes it difficult for her to walk, she even has an open ulcer that makes her unable to get wet. In a few months, she will have to go back to surgery to amputate her leg.

A tireless battle

After five years, Lauren managed to get out of her depression and post-traumatic stress, now she has started a legal battle against Kotex Natural Balance, being responsible for her situation. She even resumed her modeling career and is an activist against OSH, participating in campaigns to promote education about the syndrome, she also wants the manufacturers of feminine hygiene products to accurately inform their customers about the dangers that may be exposed.

Why can tampons cause TSS?

Two types of bacteria can develop, due to the misuse of tampons, including the bacteria Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus pyogenes, these bacteria are capable of producing a powerful toxin. If you put a tampon in the vagina, it can bring chemicals and toxins, putting you at risk of contracting a disease.

Health authorities recommend using the lowest absorption rate of tampons, appropriate to the needs of menstrual flow. It is even recommended to change them frequently, every four hours.

Symptoms to identify

High fever, dizziness, vomiting, muscle aches, loss of consciousness, skin irritations and in an advanced stage, the skin begins to peel. If the disease is not treated in time, it can cause death.

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What can trigger OSH?

Correct lack of hygiene, use of tampons whose absorption is higher than the usual flow, do not change tampons.

Remember that it is a rare syndrome, but it can occur as is the case with Lauren. Before using tampons, make sure you follow the instructions and if you notice any symptoms, do not hesitate to visit your doctor.

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