Mobbing: What To Do About Workplace Harassment?

How much time do you spend in the office? Surely many hours, sometimes you even spend more time there than at home. But your daily coexistence can be complicated by workplace bullying, discover in this article what you can do about it.

In recent years, we have heard constantly about the topic of school, cyber or child bullying . However, as incredible as it may seem, bullying can also arise in the workplace and is more common than you might imagine. Even a study carried out by the World OCC confirms that 51% of Mexican professionals have suffered some type of workplace harassment throughout their lives.

The bullying work, better known as mobbing, represents one of the greatest threats to the balance of any worker, since the abuse and mistreatment constant within an office can begin to reduce welfare and work performance of a person. Ending mobbing is not something that can be done from one day to the next, however in this article you can find some tips.

1. Identify red flags

There are some symptoms that may indicate that something in the office is not right, such as:

  • Job demotivation caused by constant psychological damage

  • Extreme obsession to develop high job performance caused by fear of unjustified dismissal

  • Inability to perform day-to-day functions within the office for reasons beyond your control

  • Problems in family and social life due to stress

  • Altered mood

  • Insomnia from problems at work

If you detect any of the above symptoms, you need to start taking action on the matter. You must act and do not let the situation overlook, otherwise the problem will get bigger and bigger.

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2. Don’t be afraid

Many people who are mobbed believe that their only alternative is to endure their reality as they need the job and cannot afford to quit or allow themselves to be fired. However, mobbing is an abuse that you cannot allow in your life, so I recommend you as a first step try to talk to the aggressor without losing your emotional control. Make him see with concrete arguments that you are up to the job you do.

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3. Look for reinforcements

If you have already tried to solve the problem through dialogue and the attacks continue, you can go to a higher authority of the company to express your disagreement. Make your boss see by means of clear points the damage that mobbing can cause in all areas of the company. Remember that reporting what happens is your right, so don’t stop.

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4. The law protects you

If you have already tried everything and have not achieved anything, I would like you to know that in 2014 the Supreme Court of Justice issued a law against mobbing . So you can go to the Superior Court of Justice or the Conciliation and Arbitration Board to be able to report workplace bullying . Do not forget that when you resort to this type of instance it is because there is no other way out, because you face an extreme situation without a solution.

There is a saying that “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”, so if you are going through a difficult situation at work, don’t give up, fight and move on. You will see that at the end of the road you will be able to learn from each experience that you have lived.

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