Mexican Man, And With The Help Of Youtube, Prepares A Trap To Check If His Girlfriend Is Faithful To Him; What He Discovers Leaves Him Horrified

These traps can be fatal and are not recommended …

See what no one wants to see

Everything was prepared, and programmed to be observed by the young woman’s boyfriend, who wanted to verify the fidelity of his girlfriend.

For this reason, he offered to participate in a program on the YouTube channel whose main objective is to “catch the cheating partner.”

According to what was published by Daily Mail, while the young woman was in a cafe in Mexico City, a stranger approaches and introduces himself as Geof from Africa, she introduces herself as Ana and comments that she is learning German with a friend, for what he comes forward to offer help since he masters the language very well.

Satisfied with the result, the gentleman strokes Ana’s hair and asks her if she is free that night before asking if she has a boyfriend, she answers no to both questions, gives him the phone number and they agree to meet later.

On the other hand, Ana’s boyfriend was horrified observing everything through a camera, without understanding the behavior of his girlfriend, and wondering why. It is not known if the couple are still together after the show.

When you search you find …

I think most of us women have heard this phrase, sometime as advice from a grandmother, mother, aunt or older relative more experienced than one, especially when talking about infidelity in marriage.

The best thing would be not to have the need to doubt and investigate a little more, but unfortunately, infidelity does happen and it is not an area that belongs only to the man. Starting, building and maintaining a partner is daily work, open to the ups and downs of the relationship, making the necessary adjustments to continue growing together.

One of the basic ingredients in a relationship is the bond of trust, without it, many things can happen.

An article published by Lima Actualidad explains that distrust is like a cancer that enters the couple to multiply and do irreparable damage many times.

The basis of this is the fear and insecurity of the person, often based on lies, deception or irrational behavior on the part of the other person, which leads the individual to become blind and “search”, go for more tests, without ask or face the situation altruistically.

When in doubt, the problem can still be solved

If we could breathe and calm ourselves, at the first moment of doubts or finding our partner in a lie, the situation could be reversed, achieving growth as a couple, and not an outcome of infidelity.

I know it is difficult, because the truth is that the moment one “does not see,” pain floods us and anger appears like a wild horse.

Some suggestions from the experts to overcome that initial moment may be:

  • Not find.

  • Do not assume situations, I assure you that the mind is incredible. When you imagine something, no matter what it really is like, you will see it the way you think it, without it being the truth.

  • Focus on the facts, not the assumptions, example, he was late. Before jumping to conclusions, listen first, express your feelings, if the person loves you, and perceives your security, she will be affirming a relationship, but on the contrary, she will not waste more time.

  • Put your energy into doing more tasks together, and remember the reasons why you fell in love.

  • After a lie, building trust is difficult, but it is possible, for that avoid criticism, and do not bring up the subject over and over again, nobody is perfect, and anyone can happen, have a doubt, or meet someone in the life that somehow catches your attention, but this does not mean that you will be unfaithful.

  • Dialogue, this does not include discussion. Assertiveness in the way you communicate with your partner is one of the most important ingredients, this includes that by listening, I am not judging or thinking the answer to attack, rather you listen, and then be heard.

If you tried all these options and you still have doubts about your partner, or the lies continue, you could ask for professional help to be sure of the decision you want to make.

*** IMPORTANT: when listening, giving yourself another chance, building confidence, that it can happen to anyone, I am not referring to infidelity. In living with someone there are always numerous situations in which there will be doubts, disagreements, secrets that do not need to be secret, etc. All these situations must be dealt with maturely, from the beginning, listening and letting yourself be heard. Infidelity should not exist between two people who love each other.

In matters of couple better not to risk

Currently, some couples, in order to maintain interest and discover new things together, put their marriage or relationship at risk, exposing themselves to situations that provoke jealousy, “innocent” flirtation with third parties, or emotional relationship with a third person through social networks.

In all cases, this is deception, so you will surely have to lie, thus starting the cycle of insecurity, fear and mistrust.

Better not risk.

As human beings we are so vulnerable, we love being considered, flattered, or flirted, all of this can be a deadly potion for marriage. Those who claim that lasting marriages are boring, have tried nothing different, and innovative, should sometime try to just BE FAITHFUL.

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