Men, This Is What Women Expect From You

This is addressed to all men in the world.

Yes, of course I like it when you come home with flowers. Also when you give me that beautiful ring that we saw together. Or when you never skimp on expenses to give me a gift as great as your love.

Too I feel confident in how you feel about me, when you work so hard to give the best to our family. Or when you put off something you want to buy, just to treat me to that dream vacation.

But that’s not what I expect from you only

In addition to that pleasant manifestation of love that you make with your gifts (which I love), my greatest gift is your presence.

I feel honored when you hold my hand in front of your friends, or when you hold my hand when we are alone, and you tell my eyes that i am your world.

But above all, I feel loved, understood and contained when I can count on you in bad times. When you do not judge me for crying before something that tears are not justified for you, or when you are reliably interested in my cause and help me with concrete facts.

I want to be able to cry on your shoulder, and feel like you’re there to listen to me. But really listen to me, with closed eyes and open heart.

I don’t want a prince charming

I don’t want you to save me. I want you to be there forwhen i’m willing to save myself. Without your help I will not be able to do it, because your love completes my days and fills me with courage.

I like it when you listen to me. And that is what almost every woman on this planet wants from a man. I like to listen to you when you come home, but I’ve also had a difficult day with the kids or at work, and I wish I could count on you.

Your motivation is my engine

I do not want a man to judge me for my decisions, or to tip the balance of my resolutions in his favor. I want a manthat motivates me to move forward, to fight for my dreams and to achieve my goals.

I want you to hug me when I get home

I want to hear your words of encouragement when I feel like everything is falling apart

I want you to be true to your convictions, because that is what makes a real man

I want you to love me patiently

That you love me with empathy

That you love me with passion

But above all, that you love me when I least deserve it, because it will be when I need it most

Thank you

For being by my side, for being that man who tries to be better every day. I will always be here for you, for us, for what we are building together.

Thank you for your strength and for your tenderness. For your smiles and your silences. And for all that you do to make ours work. Because, after all, you know that a hug at the right time is worth more than a gold ring.

(Dedicated to all men who love their women madly).

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