Melanoma Ended Her Life When She Was Pregnant; The Other Side Of This Cancer That Women Ignore

Skin cancer is more dangerous than you think, better take your precautions

On February 27, 2017, K9 Officer Max Janofsky lost his amazing wife, Danielle, after her courageous battle with cancer,…

Posted by Deptford Township Police Department on  Monday, March 13, 2017

“If love was enough to save someone then my daughter would have lived 100 years.”

Danielle Janofski, six months pregnant, found out that she had skin cancer. According to the portal «Today». Danielle began to have a very acute pain in her stomach, due to her condition she decided to go to the doctor and after some studies she was diagnosed with melanoma, for this reason it was necessary to admit her to the hospital where her son was born through a cesarean section with just 26 weeks The little Jack, as they put him, was born without any problem, if he had not done so there were great possibilities that he would expand to the fetus, however Danielle died three days later, according to the information provided by the Portal.

Statistics that alarm

If lifestyle habits are not changed, it is estimated that by 2030 the number of cases with melanomas could increase by up to three percent per year, according to information from the World Health Organization (WHO), “the most Recent reports indicate that about 132 thousand cases of melanoma are diagnosed annually on a global scale.

Melanoma, an extreme form of skin cancer

Melanoma, according to the Undersecretariat for Prevention and Health Promotion “is the form of cancer that begins in melanocytes, which are cells that make melanin, that is, the pigment of the skin; in men it generally occurs on the trunk, while in women it is more common on the arms and legs.

Some risk factors marked by the National Cancer Institute (INC) are:

  • Be white.

  • Be blond or red.

  • Have light-colored eyes.

  • Having fair skin that freckles appear when exposed to the sun, burns easily.

  • Exposing yourself to sunlight or tanning beds for long periods.

  • Being exposed to environmental risk factors for melanoma such as radiation, solvents, and vinyl chloride.

  • Having several large or small moles.

  • Possess a genetic history of atypical mole syndrome (between 5 mm. To 15 mm.), With irregular borders, variable color such as pink, brown and black, with smooth or irregular surface).

  • Have an immune system (made up of cells, tissues, proteins, and

  • other special agents, charged with defending the body against infectious organisms) weakened.

Useful tips to prevent a greater evil

Although not all melanomas can be prevented, you can take some steps to reduce your risk, the INC recommends:

“Do not expose yourself to the sun, if you have no way to get in the shade, try to protect your skin with clothing, sunscreen, a hat and glasses and avoid tanning beds.” Get to know your skin so that you can spot any change since “when detected late, it causes high mortality. On the contrary, if the investigation is early, it is curable in 99.9 percent of the cases ”according to Dr. Montserrat Molgó, a dermatologist at Red Salud UC. Ask your husband to check your back, which is one of the most difficult places to check yourself and you do the same with him, no one is exempt from suffering from it but everyone can fight it in time.


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