Marriage Is Created By Two

A marriage can be a work of art that the two of you create together if you follow a few simple steps.

A true piece of art requires many elements, knowledge, patience, and of course a huge dose of love. Sometimes it helps to think of my marriage as an exquisite piece of art that my husband and I fashion with our own hands. Except that marriage changes over time, and as time passes, something unique and special is created — sure if that’s your goal. It is a fact that every relationship is the product of the creation of the people who participate in it.

Compared to other relationships, the marriage relationship is different because it is a little more complicated; you can’t take a vacation, or just put in 50% of your best effort. This is very similar to the relationship between parents and children, but the most important difference is that we love our children no matter what happens, while we can stop loving our spouse when we stop working to maintain a good relationship. Here are some ideas for creating something truly exceptional.

1. The best ingredients for a happy marriage

If we want to create or make something special, we take our time selecting the best ingredients, and not the first ones we see available. Your marriage requires the best, those that take time and are not cheap: love, patience, commitment, honesty, forgiveness, trust, vulnerability, and so on.

2. A good relationship takes time

With the fewest exceptions, anything worthwhile takes time. That is, if it is handmade, the quality will show, but it will not be ready overnight. That is why most marriages that have been together for a long time will tell you that the relationship is better now than it was in the beginning but that it has taken all those years to reach that quality of relationship and it did not happen in a matter of months.

3. Marriage should last forever

I once read somewhere that a grandmother had told her granddaughter that in her time if something was broken they simply made it up and did not consider throwing it away, it is the same with your marriage; She said, if something is broken you compose it and DO NOT throw it away. This had an impact on me, because it is true in this culture where everything is disposable, we can come to see our relationship in the same way. If you have conflicts, you have to see them as something that is broken and needs to be fixed and not as a sign that the whole marriage should be thrown away.

4. That the masterpiece is not by a single author

It is not enough that only one is giving 110% while the other only 10%. Both have to be giving THE BEST of themselves; be careful, I did my best and that does not mean 100% all the time. For example, one of the most common situations is when there is a new baby at home, for the first three or four months the wife may be giving 50% to the relationship, and that is the best thing to do because at that moment This baby takes away all your time and energy, but as long as you are doing your best, and your partner as well, they come out of this situation better than they were before. So take care that your work of art does not have only one author, but is the work of both.

A marriage that cares for and protects itself is a true work of art, exquisite, unique, special and yes, eternal.

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