March 8: A Day To Celebrate And Evaluate

Some celebrate women as objects. Others persist in how adverse the world is for women. What is March 8 all about? There is a lot of work ahead in terms of the respect due to women.

For a few years I have observed a polarization in society in the face of Women’s Day. On the one hand, many people festively remember women in the place that the male world has assigned them or, in other words, they celebrate, spread and promote the exacerbated sexism that places women as objects of satisfaction in the masculinized world. as well as a selfless worker and mother without permission to have more ambitions than to please that world.

On the other hand, there are the strident voices that tell people that Women’s Day is a day of mourning and pain for her and that, therefore, nothing “feminine” should be celebrated, because the issue is completely pertaining to the fight for the rights of women, but not to celebrate their nature.

strong, What is March 8?

Indeed, Women’s Day is an officially recognized date, the choice of which was influenced by the fact that in March 1911 a fire broke out in a New York shirt factory, in which 123 women died, all European and Jewish immigrants, and many of them under 18 years of age.

In 1977, the UN General Assembly proclaimed March 8 as the International Day for the Rights of Working Women and International Peace. That is its official name. In 1995, the same assembly signed the Beijing Declaration and Platform, a specific agenda to help women obtain and enforce their rights, specifically speaking, the same rights as men.

To be a woman

Most of the people who regularly visit are women. Through their comments and the number of times they consult the articles, they communicate to the team of the page their concerns, their desires, their difficulties to face life, and I have discovered two important things about women that I want to share with you:

  1. That most of the concerns that women have are very similar to those that men have: infidelity torments us, losing the love of our partner, being bad parents. We yearn to succeed in life, achieve material stability, but above all, we seek emotional and family stability: we want to be happy.

  2. Also that the world is much more adverse for women. Why? I don’t think I have enough space in a single article to detail all the ways a woman can be hit with abuses that will hardly victimize men.

A third point

Let me add a third consideration that I have discovered throughout my life: that men are not born with a gene for misogyny. The first person we love is a woman: our mother. Unfortunately, it is she who often generates, nurtures and even ferments the different treatment, which puts other women at a disadvantage, such as when she orders her younger sister to cook for her older brother or father, and consents to male children.

The fault is…

But I must return to my words to understand that just as male children were not born with the disposition to mistreat women, neither did mothers invent it on a whim: it was the other “mother”, the “great mother”, the culture, those values ​​of our society that are not adequate. A society that has not understood the difference between archetypes (positive, adaptable and universal models) and stereotypes (rigid, sexist), will hardly be able to father sons and daughters who treat men and women equally.

Men and women are different in the physical, the genetic, the intellectual, the sentimental, in the styles of walking and learning from life. That is why it is necessary to guarantee equal rights for all.

Should I celebrate it or not?

March 8 is a date to celebrate the achievements that have been made in labor, legal matters, the administration of justice, and the public perception of women. But it is also a date to remember that all our societies are far from reaching an ideal climate in which all women of any age feel free from even one threatening or uncomfortable element that men do not experience.

For example, there is no reason to celebrate in societies where companies continue to ask job applicants for a certificate of non-pregnancy, nor where breaches of moral standards are punished more severely for them than for men. But March 8 is a day to remember that there is a lot of homework to do.

It is up to you to determine if your family (and your work environment, your society, etc.) is an ideal environment for the free integral development of both men and women and, if necessary, generate your home version of the Beijing Declaration : a plan to start making life a happy experience regardless of gender.

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