Man Suffers Stroke After Getting Haircut And Wash; Now Alert Others So That The Same Thing Happens To Us

He bent his neck to have his hair washed, not imagining that his life would turn into a terrible tragedy. Your case is not an isolated case.

Maintaining beautiful, hydrated, soft and manageable hair is not easy, it requires time, money and going to a beauty salon from time to time to apply ampoules, cut it and wash it. Without a doubt, it is a small luxury that deserves our physical appearance and self-esteem.

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However, you never think that a visit to the beauty salon would turn out to be a terrible experience, as is the case with Dave Tyler, 45, who lives in England. According to what was published in Newsner and other media, the man suffered a stroke after going to a hairdresser to cut and wash his hair.

Tyler chose his cut, the stylist began to cut it and when he finished, he proceeded to wash his hair to remove excess hair, and then dry and style, as is the usual procedure.

As it is known, when the stylist washes the hair, they ask the client to sit on a chair, leaning his head in a kind of sink, there he begins to rinse and apply the shampoo. Tyler did not suspect that by sitting in the special chair, he was going to cause a clot in his brain to form with dire consequences.

Days after

Tyler went to work as usual, however, that day he began to suffer a severe headache, coupled with loss of movement on one side of his body, decreased ability to swallow, and a slight tremor in his eyes. In a few moments, he collapsed and fell to the ground.

At the hospital…

Doctors conducted tests and as Tyler’s condition was serious, he was transferred to intensive care, where he spent three months, for having suffered a stroke. The specialists determined that the possible cause was the “beauty salon syndrome”, it is rare, but it usually occurs.

Be careful

When sitting in the special chair to wash their hair, people often turn and stretch their head and neck to avoid getting wet, doing so can damage the arteries, forming a blood clot and ending in a stroke.

Serious injuries

As a result of the stroke, Tyler was unable to walk or drive, and his life was radically changed. Fortunately, the salon paid her about $115,000 to keep the case from going to court.

An explanation

The neck tilted more than 15 degrees back decreases the blood supply to the brain, causing severe dizziness, imbalance, headache and facial numbness, causing permanent neurological damage. As reported in the New York Times.


Dr. Weintraub advises beauty specialists to prevent older clients from being twisted back, especially if they suffer from problems such as arthritis in the neck or circulatory, because they can compress the arteries. It is essential to use a pad or towels to recharge the neck and avoid serious injury.

What you should know

A stroke occurs when the flow of blood to the brain is disturbed, causing an area of ​​the brain to die from not receiving oxygen and nutrients necessary for its function. The consequences are: paralysis, problems with reasoning, speech, vision and motor coordination, as well as pain and numbness, even death.

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Detect the symptoms

Detecting symptoms early reduces permanent damage, the most frequent are: Numbness or weakness in the face, arm or leg (one side of the body), confusion, difficulty speaking, seeing, walking, dizziness, loss of balance, pain in head.

Most beauty salons should anticipate that their clients suffer brain injuries, otherwise, report this syndrome and as a precaution carry a pad or request some towels to recharge your neck. Remember your health is very important. Take care of it!

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