Man Proposes With Only $8 Ring; What His Girlfriend Does 5 Days Later Is What He Deserved

The Tuesday after he proposed would end up being a day that he would remember for the rest of his life.

Statistically, average couples get engaged after 15 months, but Emily Hardman and Rob Reading would not enter these statistics.

Buying the $8 ring and an unexpected reaction

Early in the morning, Rob bought an $8.88 engagement ring at Walmart when the couple stopped by to do some shopping.

Just an hour after they finished their walk, Emily began planning her wedding… it would take place, nothing more and nothing less than… the following Tuesday.

“As soon as we had cell phone reception, I called the reception room, and then I called my parents, and I let them know, and then I called the temple,” Emily said in an interview with ABC News.

When love is so great and in that certainty there is no doubt, things like these happen

And Em Hardman strikes again by having her story featured on Good Morning America! Also, it’s her birthday today. As she doesn’t have facebook, feel free to contact her in other ways. ????

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Emily said that details like colors, bridesmaid dresses, etc., were not crucial to the wedding. And if something wasn’t crucial, she wouldn’t worry about it.

The two questions that helped make quick choices for an “emergency” wedding why love can’t wait

With every detail, Emily asked herself two questions

  • Does this achieve the goal of making the people at my wedding feel loved and appreciated for the role they play in my life?

  • Will it help strengthen my marriage and the promises we made to each other?

“If the answer was no, I wasn’t wasting any more time.”

So, there were no flowers – they said the reception room was beautiful enough.

They put the engagement photos aside and printed the invitations by texting them with a collage of photos that read, “We’d love to have you with us if you can come. No gifts. Only love”.

There were no fancy clothes

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Rob was wearing her Sunday suit and Emily was wearing a $10 Charlotte Russe lace top and her mom’s skirt handcrafted in just eight hours.

And the guests?

The invitations / text message announcements were sent to 100 guests requesting an RSVP (a confirmation of their presence) on the same day. Surprisingly, only a few close friends were unable to make it to the wedding on such short notice.

Why the rush?

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As the last of six daughters to marry, Emily said that she has been around weddings since the age of 17, experiencing the unnecessary stress that her preparations entail. She just didn’t want that to be her story and “my parents certainly weren’t complaining,” she said.

In addition to avoiding unnecessary stress, Emily and Rob had work commitments. Rob was transferred from London to the Bay Area and had only two weeks off from his maritime duties. Emily was on the legal team for the Little Sisters of the Poor Court case and would be traveling soon.

“We knew at the time that we wanted to get married and spend eternity together,” Emily said. “We knew we could get married now or wait a year for that to happen.”

Emily’s wedding theory

When she made the first of her three calls on the day she and Rob got engaged, Emily told the wedding coordinator that people organize beautiful funerals in just a few days, so why not a wedding?

“A long time ago, I was convinced that modern weddings were unnecessarily heavy… My theory: you could plan a beautiful wedding in a week, ” Emily told the New York Times.

So they put their theory into action and the results were beautiful. Her mother, Marilyn, was ecstatic at the speed of the event, saying, “Hallelujah! Hallelujah for putting the relationship above a wedding.

Life after the wedding whirlwind

Emily and Rob have been living an “elegantly simple” life that was started by their wedding almost effortlessly.

After four years of meeting, a year of dating, a five-day engagement, and a viral article in the New York Times, Emily hopes her story will help more couples consider simple weddings.

«Should we get married focusing on the essence of what is really important in life?

“My hope was that it would start a conversation, to question these things that happen at weddings,” she told ABC News. She hopes “to encourage everyone to focus on the essence of what is really important in life.”

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