Man Begets 3 Children With His Wife’s Twin Without Anyone Knowing (not Even Him)

A DNA test uncovered a chilling mystery; there are only 30 cases like this registered in the world.

How would you feel if after giving birth to your child they told you that you were not the mother? You would fight in the sun and shade to make them understand that you are, right? So did Lydia Fairchild, who later ended up discovering something unusual: she is her own twin.

She carried them in her womb for 9 months and saw them being born. But none of that was enough. Justice told Lydia that she was not the mother of her children, according to ABC. However, and after a while the truth came out. A truth that left everyone surprised. Who was the mother of those children?

It all started when Lydia separated from her husband. In order for the state to grant him child support, the father had to submit to DNA testing to prove he was the father. Despite the fact that she was pregnant with her third child, they concluded that you wanted to separate, and so the whole family underwent DNA testing.

The DNA results that surprised everyone

Sure enough, Jamie, Lydia’s husband, was the father of all three children. But something puzzled everyone: the evidence showed that she was not the biological mother, how was it possible?

According to ABC the Department of Social Services called Lydia to have a conversation. They closed the door and she quickly noticed the tense weather. It was there that they began to question her, as they believed that she had stolen the babies. She thought it was all a mistake, and tried to make them understand that she was the mother, and that possibly the DNA test was wrong, but they told her that this test was 100% reliable. I was cornered and it was distressing, because no one knew what was happening.

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No evidence such as photos of the birth, or testimony of doctors who were there were enough for the Justice, who was only carried away by the results of the repeated blood samples that were carried out over and over again. Lydia was panicking as the social service had warned her that she could take custody of her children away.

Another case like his was hope

Desperately Lydia had launched into a relentless search for some kind of solution. She did not want to lose her children, and her lawyers were unwilling to fight the irrefutable evidence. Then one of the prosecutors found something revealing: there was another woman with a case identical to his. Her name was Keegan, and her DNA didn’t match her children’s either.

Keegan had discovered this when his kidneys began to fail and he needed a kidney transplant. So, looking for compatibility in their children for a possible transplant, they did not find it. Neither of her two sons carried her DNA. However, the woman recalled that a thyroid nodule had been removed and asked that the DNA of that tissue be checked, which was kept in a laboratory.

Miraculously, in that thyroid tissue they found the DNA that matched that of their children and were able to solve the mystery. Keegan was the biological mother of her children.

Both women were their own twin

When Lydia learned that there was another woman like her in the world, she knew that everything would soon become clear. The specialists explained that both Lydia and Keegan suffered from a rare disease called chimerism, with only 30 documented cases worldwide.

One pathologist, Dr. Lynne Uhl, explained that both Keegan and Lydia were their own twins or chimeras. While they were in their respective wombs, two embryos fused to form a single human. The women had DNA from one person’s blood and tissue DNA from another. They had given birth to their children, who were born with the DNA of their long-lost twins.

A happy ending

If it hadn’t been for the discovery of Keegan’s case, Lydia probably could have lost her children forever.

Now, she could breathe easy, and all of this helped her discover and accept the fact that not only was she two people in one, but that she was one of the rarest and most special cases in the world of genetics.

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