Man Auctions His Wife On The Internet Because She Did Not Take Care Of Him When He Got Sick; Networks Explode

This man has garnered the attention of thousands, and not exactly for being husband of the year. The announcement he made on Ebay to auction his wife is now traveling the world.

This man has garnered the attention of thousands, and not exactly for being husband of the year. The announcement he made on Ebay to auction his wife is now traveling the world.

Ebay is a very popular site where people around the world buy and sell new and used items; and yes, objects, not people. However, this English man decided to use the page to protest against his wife for her lack of empathy, as he describes it.

Man puts his #wife up for sale on #eBay after claiming she was unsympathetic when he moaned about feeling unwell

Posted by HPRtv on  Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Simon O’Kane decided to offer it up as part of his revenge for not receiving the attention he felt he deserved by informing his wife that he was ill.

Here’s what the quirky ad said:

A wife for sale.

It’s not new, it’s been used, but it still has some good miles available.

Reason for sale… I think there is someone there who deserves it more than me (or God, please let someone be).

Things in favor

Body and paint in good condition.

Things against

It emits frequent sound that cannot be silenced unless you order shiny metal parts.

Sometimes he has a few tricks in the kitchen that end up sending you to the hospital.

In general it is not a bad model of that year. I’m sure some lucky man can put it to good use.

Offers are welcome and I am willing to consider exchanging for a newer model.

Once the purchase is made, returns will not be accepted.

Simon reportedly informed the Daily Mail, who commented on the episode, that he had come home from work feeling ill and very tired. “My wife gave me only a little attention, but she simply told me that I was neglecting my health and that I was basically crying. At that moment I thought ‘it’s good, I’ll put you up for sale’.

His wife did not take the news as a good thing, she was angered, especially by the teasing and laughter of her co-workers and by the poor choice of the photo that her husband used in the sale notice. She told the Daily Mail that she was so angry “that she wanted to kill him.”

She said that she considered her husband’s action humiliating and too heavy a joke. She also reported that she thinks her husband is a bit of a hypochondriac and ‘lives sick’, even though he spends 4 hours a day in the gym.

Despite the tumultuous outcome of Leandra’s alleged lack of empathy for Simon’s supposed discomfort, the couple ended up reconciling. She said that what helped her forgive her husband was seeing the amount of money people were supposedly willing to pay for her.

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This brings to light a very common marital problem.

The Dra. Margaret Paul explains how lack of empathy works. Apparently the lack of ability to see your own essence or the essence of others.

The ability to empathize with others is something we develop throughout our lives. Young children don’t have this ability, they develop it over time. But sometimes, our feelings are destroyed or beaten in such a way that, by way of survival, we block everything that we feel, thus destroying our ability to feel empathy; We stop perceiving the pain of others, simply because we are not able to feel our own pain.

“One of the most difficult things we have to deal with in a relationship is when we can see the beautiful essence of our partner, but your partner cannot see their own essence, nor yours,” explains Paul.

The disconnection with our feelings prevents us from perceiving the feelings of others, leading us to cause unnecessary pain and hurt in our partner.

What can we do when our partner lacks empathy?

Lack of empathy or the ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes is one of the most common and most serious problems in marriages. The good news is that when we understand what is happening, we can fix it much more easily.

It works like a broken phone

The person who is suffering for something in the couple and seeks the attention of the other, expresses his feelings with pain and, sometimes, with tears. The person who receives the message perceives it as an anger, a claim, a need that the other has and that he cannot satisfy.

What’s going on?

They both wait for the other to step into their shoes, while only concentrating on their views and their own pain. This causes communication to stop working and the problem escalates, causing more damage than before.

How to deal with this?

It is essential that both parties stop, try to focus on what the other feels and what the other has as a claim and try to understand it. Once both of you are successful in doing this, neither of you will have to feel lonely even in the company of your partner.

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