Maintaining Your Home

By following these simple steps, you can maintain the beauty and function of your home. Remember that it will never be good to get used to the disorder and deterioration of the place where we live.

You’ve probably heard “the broken window theory,” and if not, I’ll briefly tell you about it. It is said that a group of social researchers did an experiment by putting two identical cars in different neighborhoods. The first vehicle was left in a middle class neighborhood and the second in a very poor neighborhood. The first car remained intact for weeks while the second was quickly looted in a matter of days. But the story did not end there: the vehicle that had been stolen for weeks, had a window smashed and then, as if by magic, it was also completely robbed in a matter of days.

What has happened? Apparently in the human mind when someone sees a broken glass in a house, a car or some other deterioration, they immediately associate it with abandonment, little interest and carelessness, so it is easy for them to start or continue damaging the property. In many colonies around the world it has been observed that when the inhabitants of an area neglect their houses and common areas, a social deterioration soon begins that translates into vandalism and violence.

Would you like this for the place where you live? Surely not! And it is for that reason that here I present a simple list of steps so that you can keep your home in good condition and, in this way, invite and collaborate to preserve and improve your environment.

Remember this rule: Preventive maintenance will always be cheaper than repairs. As rare or impossible as it may seem, you should consider in your monthly expenses a small amount for house maintenance. Invest 1% of the value of your home per year.

Start by cleaning the interior of your home, cleaning the interiors, patios and gardens daily or weekly. By doing this you will be able to notice damage in the early stages and thus make repairs on time. A place that is often tidy keeps troublesome people away.

1. The roof

When it comes to home maintenance, it is always good to start from the top down, the roof of your home being a vital point of care. The roofs should not be warehouses or the place to keep the dog tied up. This area of ​​our home must be clean and clear, especially in rainy weather, otherwise water could accumulate and start a serious and serious deterioration.

Check before and after the rainstorm that your house is perfectly waterproofed, this will save you many expenses in repairs of structures, roofs and finishes.

2. Walls and floors

The walls should preferably be covered with brick, plaster or another layer of material to protect the brick and the supporting structure. Paint is also important because it protects the covering of the walls avoiding humidity.

The floors must be kept in good condition in the same way; If a piece of flooring or tile peels off it is best to remove it and reattach it before the entire floor peels off or the pieces break and it is impossible to get the color back or someone is injured. Wood or vinyl tile floors have their own maintenance, which you can often do yourself without paying a specialist. It is vital that you check the walls and ceilings after an earthquake.

3. Facilities

Hydraulic, electrical, gas and sanitary installations must be monitored frequently to avoid accidents or costly repairs. Try to give them the best of care and repair them as soon as they present a fault.

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4. Painting

Painting not only beautifies our home, it protects it from the natural elements and it is important. Interior painting should be done every 5 years and exterior painting every two years. You should not allow saltpeter, fungus, slime or a small crack to grow.

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5. Cleaning of water tanks and cisterns

Once a year the water containers must be emptied and washed thoroughly. This will not only keep your pipes in good condition, but will also keep your family healthy.

6. Maintenance of gas tanks

Sometimes we forget about these tanks and think they will last a lifetime. It is also vital that you check the valves and that there are no leaks. Do not forget to paint the pipes that conduct the gas yellow.

Keeping your home in good condition will maintain its equity, it will be more comfortable, beautiful and safe. Do not forget that if you want to form a strong, united family with good principles, the place where they live must be a perfect reflection of what you teach. One hundred years ago, Maria Montessori said: “The outer order leads us to the inner order.”

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