Luggage Does Not Weigh And The Road Does Not Tire, When What Is Loaded Is Love

When life becomes difficult for us, we continue to fight, because love for our children does not make them incredibly strong and capable of everything.

Sitting on a bench in a plaza, I listened to my favorite music as the sun went down and I amused myself by throwing food at the pigeons. Many children flitted around the games and came looking for their mother to show off their exploits. 

I was in the prime of my adolescence, I could not understand how all those mothers did not tire of calming tantrums, settling fights, throwing the ball over and over again and leaving reading their book to go build sand castles. I couldn’t understand it, of course, because I hadn’t become a mother yet.

Today, that mother is me

“When you have children you will understand” Does the phrase sound familiar to you? I heard it from my mother over and over again, and today I tell it to my children. When we are mothers we understand everything, because that love that is born from the depths of our entrails is the one thatmoves us to draw strength from where we do not have and to move forward whatever happens.

It is not utopia or cheap poetry. If you are a mother, I am sure you will identify with the idea. We have heard hundreds of stories of mothers who get ahead even if life has slapped them. There is nothing that pleases us more than seeing our children well, and for this we prepare our hearts and minds to do our best.

And the luggage does not weigh and the road does not tire, when what is loaded is love

This phrase, by Rachel Carvalho, swarms through the networks accompanied by extremely beautiful images, which invite us to reflect, and which have been sufficient motivation to write this article.

In the photo I like the most, you see a woman working in the fields, carrying her child. Although some photos differ a bit from each other, they all coincide in providing this image of that mother whocomes to life even if I’m tired, even if I have bad days, Even if her back is heavy and her waist hurts, because what she carries is the love of her son.

That image and this powerful phrase leaves us wondering how much we have to thank our mother for everything she has done for us, without complaining, without reproaching anything, because a mother’s love is infinite.

Life’s baggage is not always love

Many times in life we ​​have to deal with those loads that really weigh. Facing a deception, lies, personal frustrations and unfulfilled dreams are things that make the road heavy and difficult to travel.

The point is to know how to shed that burden little by little so that it does not leave deep traces that affect our way of being and feeling. Therefore, when we feel that the load is heavy and that we cannot handle it, we have to knowarm ourselves with courage to recognize what our weapons are to confront it.

The love of our children is one of the most powerful weapons to forget about the weight of the daily burden, but they are also forgiveness, faith, repentance, solidarity, empathy.

Fight for your children, but also for yourself

To be good for them we must be good to ourselves. We fight for them and face adversity because we want to see them happy. But let’s not forget that in the middle there is a mother who needs to feel good, and this is fundamental, because when we are well we can provide better to others.

And when the baggage of life weighs on you …

Talk to a friend

Take refuge in faith

Hug your children a lot

Turn off your computer or cell phone and go fix the garden

Indulge in a bubble bath

Go for a walk

Sort your ideas

Arrange your clothes

Separate things, clothes and toys to give in charity

Talk to your partner about what worries you

Learn something you’ve always wanted to do

Kitchen something sweet for your family

Smile and convince yourself that only you have the power to get ahead

Never lower your arms. The path is made by walking, and if you want to get out of where you are, you have to take the first step.Being overwhelmed by adversity only makes us stagnate even more. We know that our children’s love is the driving force and motivation to achieve it, but that we never forget that we have the most powerful force to achieve what we want. We just need to see it.

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