Loving Yourself Is The Beginning Of True Love

When you learn to love yourself, you show others the way to love you. True love is born of loving ourselves responsibly and sincerely.

Deep down, a person longs to be loved. It is part of your vital need. But that love won’t come until she learns to love herself. Unfortunately we fall into contrary behaviors, sabotaging ourselves, becoming our biggest judges and getting involved in situations that hurt us, mistreat us and make us sick.

I wonder, what is stopping us from changing? Why cling to this harmful way of loving ourselves, or rather, despising ourselves? Isn’t this the right time to abandon attitudes of self-harm, and seek a healthier way of to love each other? I want to share with you in this article some behaviors of people who know how to express themselves and lavish affection, here they are:

They consider themselves worthy of love and everything good

. This is perhaps the key to self-love: understanding that just the fact of being born and being part of this adventure called life is enough to be worthy of affection and all that is good; and that it is not necessary to be physically beautiful, intelligent, have many talents or material goods. Convince yourself, you deserve to be happy, to be loved, and to live a satisfying and fulfilling life.

They recognize the stormy loves

 and they move away from them, they are not seduced by the apparent charms of a relationship that from the beginning is glimpsed without a future.

They don’t expose their life

. They take care of themselves, do not use drugs or alcohol, do not drive at high speeds; in short, they do not engage in risky behavior. Your life is worth more than a moment of adrenaline.

They allow themselves to be wrong and don’t judge themselves harshly for it

. They are not afraid to acknowledge their mistakes and, as far as possible, learn from them; they emerge stronger from failure situations and accept that they are vulnerable human beings.

Gifts are made

. Without ceasing to be responsible with their financial commitments, they buy gifts, congratulate themselves, motivate themselves through details.

They do not expect special dates

to wear your best dress or your favorite perfume; every day is a special day.

They take care of their health

. They go to the doctor regularly and take their medicines, exercise, eat healthy.

They avoid hostile environments and situations,

and they overlook provocative attitudes from other people, with the sole intention of safeguarding their peace of mind.

They are deeply spiritual

They believe in God or in a supreme force that guides and protects them, they know that they are not alone in difficulties, they have faith that problems and difficult situations will be resolved in a positive way; they believe in miracles.

Money and material things are not his greatest motivation

Like everyone, they will want to buy a house, but only to ensure and assure their loved ones a decent place to live. They do not own a car to show it off, but as a necessity and money is not the end, it is the means to achieve more transcendental ideals.

They express affection to themselves

. They avoid mistreating themselves with negative words or thoughts towards themselves; on the contrary, when passing in front of a mirror they say to themselves, you really look great!

They trust themselves and are optimistic

They know that they have their strengths and resources to face different life situations, and they find an opportunity in every difficulty.

It is not difficult to express affection, it is necessary. It is not about being selfish, because loving ourselves is the least we can do for ourselves, it is to stop waiting for others to give us what we ourselves can give ourselves and that will allow us to live a life of greater fulfillment.

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