Love Is Not A Relationship, Love Is A State

Is it possible to raise our state of consciousness to accept love as a state of the soul and not just as a feeling?

“Love is a deep desire to bless all of existence,” says spiritual leader Osho, who states that love is neither being in love nor being in a relationship, love is a state of the soul.

When you are love you are not afraid, you have certainties. Love is not a bond, love is you, your essence and your spirit. When you are love you are ready to love. And this is what Jesus means when he says that God is love.

Love as a state of the soul

You can love someone deeply, you can swear eternal love and be sure that what you feel is love. But pristine and pure loveit is a state of peace, a state of the spirit. When you reach it, the look you have of the world changes before your eyes.

In a convulsed society, where hedonism and self-centeredness make a dent in our humanity, love is that pillar that can save us from all selfishness and ingratitude towards our brothers.

“And we have come to know and believe that God loves us. God is love. He who abides in love abides in God, and God in him ” 

(1 John 4:16)

As the holy scriptures say, if we remain in love, God will dwell within us. Then we will look at the world with a positive vision, without fear of facing obstacles, without suspicions or individualism.With love in your heart you always move forward and never go back.

Love without tying

A very interesting dialogue from the book “Eat Pray Love”, Can deeply teach us to reflect on the concept of what today’s society calls love. 

-“Let it go”.

-“But I love him”.

– “Well, love it.”

– “But I miss him.”

– ”Well, miss him. Every time you think of him, send him love and light. Then let go of the thought. You are afraid to let it go because later you will be alone, but this is what you have to understand: if you cleared all that space that you occupy in your mind by obsessing over it, you would have a door and…. Do you know what the universe would do when it saw it? It would sneak in and fill you with the most beautiful love you have ever known. So stop using her to block that door. Let it go at once “

This powerful dialogue brings us closer to the most accurate definition of what love is in a relationship. Loving the other does not mean binding, or missing, much less resentment when they are gone.

When you let go of fear God lets love in, and when the lovefill your heart there is no room for doubt, uncertainty and fear of being alone. You simply love, you give yourself, you rejoice at the welfare of the other, it makes you happy to see him happy. Love takes over your being and you melt into it.

In theory it sounds very nice, but … how do I put it into practice?

The inner work is very deep and involves a lot of emotional and spiritual maturation. Loving the other without ties and without the earthly limitations typical of human beings is something that few can achieve.

However, love as an axis and way of life should be a daily goal. Although it sounds utopian, although it is too dreamy a goal. Those of us who trust in love as the force that moves the world can commit ourselves to trying to experience that feeling of love filling our lives:

Helping without expecting anything in return

Accepting the ideas of the other without getting angry

Embracing the idea of ​​letting go of something that no longer works, without grudges

Forgiving, trying to empathize with what happens to the other

Raising the flag of patience, understanding and brotherhood

Performing altruistic acts

Providing the example, always, with love as a banner

Understanding the phrase “Love supports everything”

Some time ago, I saw an anonymous text circulating on the net that objected to the biblical phrase  “Love supports everything”. She said that you do not have to endure everything for love and that love is not being crushed, or something like that.

Contrary to what many people think, the phrase does not speak of enduring despicable things. Of course, it is not valid to allow yourself to be hurt by a violent husband, or accept with your head down the hurtful words of aggression from a family member or angry boss.

That “all supports” means something much deeper. This phrase represents the omission before the offense, and the lack of revenge. That is to say, the love that supports everything is true love, the purest, becauseEven if they offend you, mistreat you and hurt you, you do not pay in the same coin or return the damage.

And if you want a clearer example, What more representative of this phrase than the bond of a mother with her child? The love you feel for him would never make you think of revenge or grudges, even if your son has hurt you.

True love dwells in the depths of the heart and melts into our spirit. Really love, don’t be afraid. Love with all your being and you will know your inner heaven.

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