Love Is Born From Small Details And Dies For Lack Of Them

Lack of details in a marriage can lead to unnecessary decisions like divorce. Make sure they are never lacking in your relationship!

I remember those intense glances that pierced my soul, his hands caressing my face, his pretty and beautiful love letters and that melody he dedicated to me when we were dating; most of the times he would always give me flowers, chocolates or stuffed animals. All those little details made me fall madly in love with my husband.

As the years passed, we decided to join our lives to form a family; As was logical, the relationship was transforming into something routine and monotonous due to the arrival of the children and the multiple responsibilities and obligations that each of us had to exercise in order to have stability. In short, many things caused those details to fade.

For this reason, there were whole days that my tears did not stop thinking that the love in my marriage had ended; I even came to imagine that she was no longer so attractive and seductive, which is why my husband had stopped having details of love.

Fortunately I was wrong. By facing my feelings and exposing my doubts, these were cleared; Today we are both working so that these details never stop strengthening our relationship, since we were at the point of experiencing a separation.

Love must be cared for like a beautiful plant

Perhaps my story sounds familiar to you because many of the relationships end for lack of displays of affection, leading the couple to think that the love between them has ended. However, when love is really present, there is only one way to avoid making decisions that affect the marriage like divorce: I mean the importance of details.

As you know, we all go through different stages in marriage starting with falling in love, which studies lasts a few months. Then then other stages are experienced which are when couples accept each other as they are and thus success is achieved.

However, during all that time in which the couple is known and accepted, there must be demonstrations of love, so that both of them feel whole, safe, trusting and special.

Love can easily be compared to caring for a plant, as it must be constantly watered and cultivated so that it does not die. That said, then how to achieve those details to strengthen the relationship?

1 Be in your thoughts

The responsibilities and role that each one as a spouse must perform to achieve family stability can cause details to be forgotten. But if you think about it, with just a simple text message telling him that you miss him, that you love him or simply asking him how he is, they will be small gestures that will make you feel full, causing your partner to think of you when reading them.

You do not need to invest money to give details, remember that you can show your love with hugs, kisses, caresses; even anticipating your needs. Maybe have their favorite food or a refreshing drink ready when your partner gets home, even tune in to that song that will bring back fond memories of their past. The main idea is that the details will make you remember and stay present in the minds and hearts of both of you.

2 Breaking the routine

Is checkedthat the brain tends to remember sad and bitter moments more easily; however, we know that it can also make a difference and create a meaningful experience in anyone’s memory when they receive good news that causes intense happiness.

By this I mean that the details you give your partner can cause them to break with their daily routine, so that they generate unforgettable experiences that are pleasant to remember. You can think of giving unexpected gifts or surprises, those that make the person who receives it feel special.

Perhaps it could be a romantic date, or an invitation to a dinner, even planning to spend a weekend away from home; the important thing is to surprise the couple with something they like.

3 Strengthening ties 

Don’t stop having details with your partner, as the two of you are more likely to feel safe, trusting, special, and loved. By having them, doubts, fears and fears will be removed, making their coexistence harmonious, even when there are different ideologies or conflicts.

Not only the details have the function of strengthening the union of the couples, but they also reinforce and increase self-esteem, making you feel special. When you strive to please and care for your partner with loving details, you will feel good about yourself ; since the greatest joy of any spouse is to see your loved one happy.

It’s that simple, when your partner feels happy, they will automatically radiate their emotions, infecting those around them, that is why your relationship will always have harmony.

The magic wand that resolves any argument

We know that most marriages have conflict, it is part of life and relationships. That is why the details will make any dispute, difference or argument resolved more easily, as if it were a magic wand that has the power to transform negative emotions into positive with just one touch.

For this reason it is very important to keep the details in the relationship; since misunderstandings are avoided, such as thinking that love and the spark is suddenly over. When these details are no longer present, love is likely to slowly die, hurting not just you or your partner, but your children or loved ones.

The details in the couple increase the love.Don’t forget about them!

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