Losing Weight Starts In The Mind

The mind can do everything, including helping you lose weight, do you want to know how?

Without going into details I am going to tell you that I am 1.70 m tall and that there was a day when I exceeded one hundred kilograms of weight; I was thirty-eight years old, with three teenage daughters, and together with my husband, I was seeking to consolidate professionally and cement our family heritage. Don’t ask me how it was that I gained so much weight in about two or three years, because I myself don’t really know it, I only remember that I started buying bigger and bigger clothes, that when I took a bath I could no longer see my feet and veins in my right leg began to burst.

It was precisely this last detail that made me reconsider what it was doing to my body. I found myself in an emergency room, with a bulge in my leg just above the knee with a bulge in the vein the size of a golf ball, they drained my blood, injected me and did whatever safety treatment the doctor determined. When the situation was controlled, the doctor told me: “The angiologist will see you for two months for surgery, because as you gain weight, the phlebitis will soon end with you.”

I went home sad, angry but with the courage to change the rhythm and way of life that I had been leading until then. I set out to reach my forties in excellent shape and I did it! I lost 30 kilos in a year, my legs look good and I never showed up for my angiologist appointment. I share my secret:

The mind can help you lose weight

How is that? I invite you to put these lessons into practice today.

1. Eat like a slim person

Many of us overeat because of anxiety, because of socializing or because we simply have a habit of filling our stomachs, so from this moment on, you are going to think about what you should eat, not just eat. Observe some thin person that you have near you, who takes care of himself, it can be a friend, a relative, or a co-worker, the woman we are looking for is close to you, look for her, she will be our inspiration. Think, how does a healthy person eat? How does a thin person eat? The idea is that you see yourself eating as if you were already a slim and healthy person. With that idea in mind, you are going to change the way you eat. I used to serve myself once and again, now I only serve myself once most of the time.

2. Think that you are not hungry

When you feel the need to eat, have a glass of water and remember that it is not hunger, it is thirsty and that you are going to wait a bit until lunch. Drive away the thought of “being hungry.” You are not hungry: it is your anxiety and your desire for immediate comfort or self-gratification that speaks. Distract your mind, don’t give in to the first urge to eat and put anything in your mouth.

3. Don’t exceed the satisfaction point

Eat seated, take your time to enjoy your food, present your plate with beauty and healthy food, then eat slowly, calmly and without haste. Do not serve yourself one more portion, think that you have eaten enough and that you feel satisfied. Be grateful for the food, do not order dessert and if the temptation to eat continues, leave the table and continue with your work.

4. Imagine how good you will look

Each of us knows how to motivate ourselves, it works a lot for me to imagine myself wearing a dress that looks great on me or imagining how good I will feel when I have met my goals. That helps me stay on the road to my recovery. Buy yourself a dress one size smaller than the one you are wearing right now and set a date that you plan to fit and have it on view daily. Seek to motivate yourself in any way.

5. You are a strong and intelligent woman

Decide to be a healthy person who is comfortable with your body. Decide it, believe it, and live that way. You are a smart woman who can convince herself to do what it takes to get the health and fitness you want.

My fight for health and to maintain my weight is daily, I exercise between four and five times a week, there are some days that I allow myself to eat delicious things that are not entirely healthy, but without fail, daily I give thanks for the food that I have and I happily consume it with my family and co-workers regularly. There are very few occasions in which I serve myself a second helping or eat more. Setting short-term goals, achieving them and rewarding myself for my achievements, has made me gain more confidence in myself and gradually have great achievements.

With all my heart I hope that these suggestions can encourage you to have the figure you want, just remember you are and you have what you have decided for yourself. I invite you to reread the following articles related to the subject:

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