Lose Weight And Fill Yourself With Energy With These Breakfast Options

Breakfast is important to give the body all the energy it requires for the rest of the day. Learn what to eat for breakfast to lose weight easily.

Breakfast is essential to start the day full of energy, since during the night, the body has digested food and blood sugar levels drop, so when the body wakes up it needs to recover the sugar level, for that reason, it is important to consume balanced foods, rich in fiber, to avoid putting our health at risk.

Remember that skipping meals can lead to weight gain, since the metabolism works with breakfast, otherwise the body slows down, your body will increase the response to insulin and fat will be stored, so it is likely that you will not burn calories.

Why do you gain weight if you don’t eat breakfast?

When you stop eating breakfast, you will usually feel very hungry at noon and will naturally consume more calories. The body tells you that you need to raise your blood sugar levels so you will choose to eat sweet foods.

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What to have for breakfast?

To have enough energy during the day and avoid gaining weight, it is necessary to consume carbohydrates, proteins and fats. That is why I leave you some options, recommended by specialists.

  1. It starts with a glass of lactose-free or low-fat milk, a slice of whole wheat bread, a piece of turkey ham and a tablespoon of olive oil and to drink a natural fruit juice, preferably grapefruit.

  2. Start with a green tea, you can add a splash of low-fat milk, a corn tortilla, two eggs and a fruit.

  3. Start by taking a low-fat milk shake with a little cocoa, you add oats. For energy, eat a piece of panela or fresh cheese and a fruit.

  4. Another option is to eat a glass of natural yogurt (100 grams), you can add nuts, honey and oats.

  5. Have a cup of coffee or tea with low-fat milk, a slice of whole wheat bread with a slice of turkey ham, tomato, lettuce, and onion. Remember not to add mayonnaise or mustard.

  6. Start with a cup of skim milk, a glass of orange juice, two slices of whole wheat bread with light strawberry or any other jam and a kiwi.

  7. Cut 3 slices of pineapple, a handful of nuts, a ligen yougr with whole grains, a green tea. Remember that pineapple has diuretic properties that help speed up your metabolism.

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Remember schedules are important, eating food always at the same time will help you burn fat and speed up your metabolism. It is recommended to eat breakfast at 6:00 am or 8:00 am, eat at 2:00 or 3:00 pm and have dinner at 6:00 or 8:00 pm. Between meals choose fruits, almonds, blueberries etc. The key to not gaining weight is to fast for 12 hours at night until you wake up, as long as you do not have diabetes or any other disease. It is important to consult with your specialist.

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