Little Family Life? Reverse It With These Activities

The current pace of life has reduced family life; However, we must take advantage of free time to strengthen ties with our loved ones. Here we show you some options.

Why has the current lifestyle caused a certain degree of family disintegration? Because in almost all families it is father and mother who have to go out to work and children spend a lot of time alone, either at home, in school, artistic or sports activities or in the care of others and, therefore, there is little time in the one that there is a true coexistence. This is not to say that either parent should quit their job or anything like that; it is simply a matter of applying the well-known phrase “quality is better than quantity”, and knowing how to take advantage of those moments to create valuable experiences that reinforce the meaning of family.

In addition to the classic conversation whose initial question is about how our day went and the time we spent together on special occasions, such as birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, etc., it is important to organize activities that practically become rituals for each family and that they just require a little creativity to do it. For now, I leave you some activities that would come in handy in this regard and that, the best thing, cost nothing or are complicated:

  • Picnic. Whether you have the fortune to eat every day as a family or you cannot do it so often due to daily activities, this is a great option to have a good time. Take advantage of a sunny weekend and organize a meal away from home. They might drive to the country or just to the nearest park, but rest assured it will be a fun activity that everyone will remember. Do not forget to bring everything you need for a practical meal, the tablecloth and some games in which all the members can participate; although it is also a good idea to spend some time talking.

  • Movie at home. Maybe the weather is not the best for leaving the house or they are just tired. Well, this does not mean that everyone will be bored. On the contrary, they can spend an entertaining afternoon with the family, turning the house into a cinema. Make popcorn (popcorn) or some other snack, choose a movie or two, settle in your favorite chair, turn off the lights and let the show begin! Choose tapes that are suitable for the whole family, and there are even some that leave some teaching. Watch them and, at the end, you can extend the coexistence by talking about what you think about the show.

  • Game afternoons. Children get bored easily and if they do not leave the house, it becomes worse. However, there are ways to keep them indoors without much trouble (for example, on a rainy day or when they are a little sick): you can open a round of board games in which all the members participate or invent different activities; like mime games, storytelling, manual activities, or even a video game time. The joke is that everyone participates.

  • Family meetings. It is common for the whole family to spend together certain special dates such as Christmas, birthdays, births, weddings or any other special event. However, it’s a good idea to look for this interaction more often. Maybe a barbecue on Sunday or eating on Saturdays, something that little by little becomes a tradition and includes more members: grandparents, uncles, cousins, the more the merrier. This will help strengthen ties with those we don’t see so often and makes us have a great time, because usually in these types of meetings, memories, funny anecdotes and serve to know what is of the life of each member.

Remember that the family is the pillar of society, so it is essential to keep it as solid as possible, and it does not take more than a little time and ingenuity to spend unforgettable moments with our loved ones.

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