Little 8-year-old Heroine Saves The Lives Of Two People In What Seems Like A Supernatural Rescue

This terrifying situation, which could have claimed the lives of the three passengers in the vehicle (one 2-year-old), was stopped by an 8-year-old girl and some believe it was due to ‘divine intervention’.

Jayda Bell is not an ordinary girl in the city of Sherwood, Arkansas, since this past month she was the protagonist of an impressive rescue in which she saved the lives of her older sister and her niece of just two years of age.

Something was not right

Jayda, was in the passenger seat of a vehicle driven by her sister, Kinalynn Williams, when she noticed something was wrong.

His sister at the wheel began to shake strongly and spill saliva from her mouth, according to the Arkansas Matters newspaper. Realizing that her sister was having a seizure and that she was no longer able to control the vehicle, Jayda quickly sprang into action.

Becomes a hero

The 8-year-old, who of course had never been in control of a car before, instinctively pushed her sister’s foot to press the car’s brake.

“I felt very scared, confused, and did not understand what was happening,” Jayda told the news

After managing to stop the car and put it in neutral, Jayda knew she had to get her little 2-year-old niece out of the vehicle. After doing this, she was preparing to call 911 when she noticed the car start to roll again.

The most surprising thing about this story

This is the most surprising part of the story; the girl used all her strength to stop the rolling vehicle by resting her back on it and pressing her feet firmly against the pavement.

Still in a state of panic and shock, Jayda managed to dial the emergency number for help. Fortunately, bystanders at the scene who observed what was happening rushed to Jayda’s aid as officers arrived on the scene.

This terrifying situation, which could have claimed the lives of all three passengers in the vehicle, ended without a fatality, thanks to the quick action and incredible determination of a little girl to save her life and that of her family members.

“I met a heroine today, she’s 8 years old,” Sherwood Police Officer Scott Glidewell said.

Was it divine intervention?

It really is difficult to understand that a little 8 year old girl is able to stop a rolling car with only the force of her body. How was she able to do it? “My back still hurts,” Jayda commented days after the incident.

Whether she was able to do it because of her incredible determination or through full divine intervention, she is very proud of her actions and happy to still have her “favorite sister” alive.

How to prepare our children to face emergencies?

The composure Jayda maintained during the incident was the key that helped her achieve her purpose. Despite feeling terrified, she managed to think clearly about the actions to take to avoid a tragedy.

Cody Harvey, the operator who responded to Jayda’s emergency call, said he was impressed by how calm she was in explaining the situation.

It is vitally important to give our children the confidence they need to respond to emergencies like the one Jayda faced.

Promote an action plan

We never know when we are going to have to face a tragedy or emergency situation, for this reason, it is recommended that we teach our children from a young age the steps they should follow in a dangerous situation.

Make sure your children know the emergency number in your city and that they learn to use your phone to dial it. If you use passwords to lock your cell phone, make sure it is an easy code that your children can remember.

First of all, explain to them that they must find a way to get away from danger. Quickly call an emergency or seek help from an adult if you are incapacitated. Explain that in certain situations that may cause fear, they must remain calm in order to find solutions to the situation.

For their part, Jayda and her family are greatly grateful that they did not suffer a fatality. When it came to keeping her family safe, this little heroine did not doubt that her duty was to get them safely out of such a terrifying situation.

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